Sunday , 15 September 2019
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Diwali Celebration In Panaji With Loud Music

“It was amusing to read from (NT Nov 8, 2018)  that Goa State Pollution Control Board found silent Diwali celebration in Panaji. GSPCB teams are required to monitor air as well as noise levels in the city. Loud music much beyond the prescribed levels was played from evening throughout the night as well as next morning, without any consideration for the residents especially old, aged, sick senior citizens and students. Big speakers with high music decibel levels were used; seen in the city during the night when people gather around to see Narkasurs. Perhaps this year Ponda city has set  a good example by observing quite and silent Diwali in real terms which could lead an example for other cities specially for capital city of Goa. GSPCB may please take a note.”

Shivram Salgaonkar, Panaji

Tourists Using LPG On Road-Side For Cooking

Every now and then one sees local tourists cooking their meals by the road-side using LPG as fuel. Obviously these LPG cylinders are carried by these tourists in their vehicles. This can be a very dangerous thing to do. These cylinders may not have the company seal on it’s nozzle.  The movement the cylinder is subjected to while being transported coupled with heat of the sun, may cause the gas to leak which can cause a major fire due to the spark in the engine of the vehicle leading to bursting of the cylinder. This will endanger the lives of not only the occupants of the vehicle, but others in the vicinity as well.  A video-clip that has gone viral on the social media shows a tourist bus carrying not just one, but three LPG cylinders in the luggage compartment. It seems absolutely necessary for the authorities concerned to crackdown on vehicles entering the state carrying LPG cylinders by maintaining a strict vigil at the check-posts. If any LPG cylinders are found in the vehicle, these cylinders should be off-loaded at the check-post itself.



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