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Predators Mostly Known To  Victim Of Sexcual Assault

This refers to the letter, “Irresponsible Remarks by Haryana CM” (NT, November 20, 2018) by M F U Tandvi. In his recent statement, Haryana Chief Minister, Monohar Lal Khattar tried to downplay the rising incidents of rape and eve-teasing cases in his state by saying that in 80 – 90 per cent of such cases the accused and the victim know each other. Without questioning whether this data is true or not, it must be pointed out that proximity can never be used as a defence of the accused. Indeed, many parents kill their own children on the altar of infanticide and honour killings. There are many incidents of crime in the domain of close relations as a result property disputes. More importantly, many girls have to face sexual harassment in the hands of their close relatives.  The fact of the matter is proximity never acts as a deterrent to crime. Rather, it enhances the scope of the predators.

Sujit De, Kolkata

The Illusion Of  Benefits From TV

In  1996, a German delegation, declared at the UN “Television is a rich man’s medium” because it had no significant reach.   It was opposing the UN declaration to make November 21  the World Television Day.   The opponents of “Television Day” were not impressed about its ability to catch people’s imagination as radio did.  There were other UN days for Communication, was their grouse.    However, as the world moved on, November 21 has increasingly been accepted as the television day.   From J J Thomson’s cathode ray days of 1887 to its  primitive form in the 1920s to what it is today, from the black and white beauty to the coloured marvel, the evolution of the television is surprising and inspiring.   Many statesmen have gone on record about  television helping them learn the English language. Earlier,  television supplemented radio, and now in large parts of the world it has supplanted radio.   It is a compact package of three in one: education, news and entertainment.   Socially alienated may find solace in television.   Television’s source of knowledge for children is undisputed though wise discretion and sane counselling  are  needed.   Cultural exchange, family bonding, settling controversial questions,  boosting creative thoughts are obvious benefits.    “I find television to be very educating.  Every time somebody turns it on, I go to the other room and read a book” is a view of a cynical scholar which may not cut ice with avid television lovers.  The only thing they have to question themselves   is “how much is too much”.

Ganapathi Bhat, Akola


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