Monday , 23 September 2019
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Fire Incidents Taking Place Frequently

It is pertinent to note that fire incidents have been taking place in the markets in the state at a disturbing frequency. The recent fire that broke out at a garment shop in Margao and the fire that broke in a departmental store in Panaji earlier should serve as a wake-up call to take preventive measures to prevent such fire accidents. Even a small fire in the market place can spread quickly if it takes place in the night leading to huge loses. Recently a conference on ‘Fire Safety and Security for Hospitality and Hospitals’ was held in the capital city in order to create awareness and educate on fire safety and security. It seems absolutely necessary to create awareness on fire safety aspects among the shopkeepers in the market place as well. Several small shops may not have the necessary fire-fighting equipment and the shop owners may not know how to deal with a fire emergency.


Governance At A Standstill

What we are experiencing in Goa politics today is  something unprecedented, as the state keeps drifting helplessly with governance at a virtual standstill and no solution in sight. To begin with, our beaches are in a mess with garbage lying heaped up and  un-cleared after the abrupt stoppage of work by the beach- cleaning contractor Drisshti Marine. There is acute water shortage in most parts, even though our  dams are filled to capacity. Road repairs have still to start even though the rains have ended. Hopes of an early resumption of mining have been shattered after both options of ordinance and amendment to the Mines and Mineral Development and Regulation Act  have been turned down by the Central govt and  Law ministry. Mining dependents as a result are left helpless and betrayed by BJP govt.  Governance in the state has come to a standstill with ministers accusing the bureaucrats of stalling the movement of files. There is discontent and disagreement in the ruling party and its allies, over party issues, with MGP threatening to withdraw support, if no alternative arrangement is in place to replace the ailing chief minister. There are widespread protests in the state with a 48- hour ultimatum given by a group of citizens and activists calling for a replacement of chief minister, and an activist on hunger strike at the Azad maidan.  And with the governor also refusing  to take corrective steps to  resolve the  Constitutional crisis and dismiss the Goa  govt despite the several demands by the opposition , the future of Goa  now lies  in jeopardy and hangs by a slender thread.

A F Nazareth, Porvorim


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