Tuesday , 17 September 2019
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IFFI Venue Should Be Spacious

As the International Film Festival of India  will complete 50  years of editions next year, the state government has assured to elevate Goa, which is the permanent venue for hosting the extravaganza, as Asia’s Cannes. The IFFI has helped put Goa prominently on the world tourism map. But the question that arises is whether Panaji city is the ideal place to hold future editions of the IFFI. The capital city seems to be bursting at its seams with people coming from different parts of the country and from across the globe during the festive season. The traffic congestion in the city is at its maximum. Lack of parking space in the city will be acutely felt in the coming years. It would have been desirable for the venue of the film festival to be shifted to a more spacious location with a lot of parking space, on the outskirts of the city. When the schools from Panaji city have been shifted to Cujira to decongest the city, why not shift the venue of the mega event outside the city limits by developing the necessary infrastructure before the golden jubilee celebration of the film festival next year?


Don’t Play Around With GDP Figures

THERE have been attempts to change people’s perceptions about   growth figures under the previous UPA regime. The Modi government with the help of the NITI Ayog has played with GDP figures, misportraying the growth rate in the past. The government claims that revised GDP data is more realistic: the new data has shown that the maximum growth rate in the UPA years was 8.5 per cent in 2010-11, significantly lower than the 10.3 per cent estimated earlier. However, people are used to the Modi government’s tricks: it has been rewriting history textbooks and changing names of cities, and has now started ‘fudging’ the GDP figures. The government must stop playing around with data forthwith, and stop giving wrong impressions of the economy in the past. The people want to know what steps the Modi government has taken for the betterment of the people and the country in the last four years.


Bus Travel An Ordeal

THE state government has decided to increase bus fares, and the minimum fare will now be Rs 10 in place of Rs 8. Bus passengers will have to bear the burden of the hike. The Motor Vehicles Act specifies that ticketless travel is an offence. But except for the buses of the government-run Kadamba Transport Corporation, no tickets are issued in any private buses. Furthermore, passengers are crammed in the buses like sardines and bus conductors are usually disrespectful and uncooperative. Senior citizens have often regretted travelling in a bus. A few weeks ago, transport director Nikhil Desai participated in the Doordarshan Panaji’s ‘Hello DD’ programme wherein people conveyed to him a litany of complaints faced by them while travelling in buses. I hope that at least with the increased fares, the bus drivers and cleaners will be more courteous towards passengers. The mandatory issuance of tickets should be enforced by the transport department.



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