Thursday , 19 September 2019
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On Transgressing Priests

FOR the first time ever, a US cardinal was defrocked for sexual transgressions,  and a Catholic priest  in Kerala  was convicted under the stringent   POCSO Act  to a minimum of 20 years in jail. While this may come as a  shock to  us,  we should remember that priests  are only  human, like all of us. At the same  time,  priests too must never forget that they are only human.  To cite an everyday example, I find it very difficult  to understand as to why any young priest should wait for me, a 70-year-old man, to wish him first! We also need to do away with  honorific  titles  in the Church  which  create an artificial  divide between  the sheep and  the  shepherds.  Jesus never conferred any titles on  the apostles. Titles like ‘Your  Lordship’,   ‘Your Excellency’, ‘Your Grace’ etc create an aura of invincibility around these shepherds  making them inaccessible to the sheep. These titles also inhibit oral and written communication.


Testing Time For ‘Make In India’

THE Vande Bharat Express or ‘Train 18’, a state-of-the-art train has had its trial run. The train ran into trouble  while returning to New Delhi from Varanasi. There were technical glitches, which the engineers corrected, before the train resumed its journey to Delhi. There have been  different versions, depending their origin. From skidding of the train to engine failure, there have been multiple  accounts. The train is expected to reduce by five hours the travel time between the national capital and the holy city. But tongues started wagging.  The ‘Make in India’ concept has been “a massive flop”  and “engineers and technicians are ill-equipped” are some of the comments. Any monumental project will have its share of problems. They will be worked out by the best brains of India. The most luxurious  of trains and cars built by foreign countries, China included, have been hit by snags and more. The media and politicians there have full confidence in the industrious nature and creative expertise of their own technical people and the sincerity of purpose of their rulers. They are shrewd enough not to make  a mountain of a molehill when other countries are watching. Here, in India, knives are out the  moment something new goes wrong. India requires world class trains, and the government’s zeal in going ahead with many such projects should not waver an inch because in five years, such high-end trains will be hailed as indigenous engineering marvels.


Let Merit Govern Govt Recruitments

KEEPING the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections in mind, the state government has decided  to fill vacancies in various departments. The high-level empowered committee has cleared 3000 vacancies, which would drain the state exchequer of Rs 120 crore annually. MLAs and ministers must be busy in preparing lists of their favourites to man the posts. This has been the practice followed by Goan politicians over the years, snatching jobs from more meritorious candidates. It is absolutely necessary for the state government to ensure that the 3000 vacant posts are filled by meritorious and deserving candidates. MLAs and ministers must not be allowed to meddle in the recruitments.




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