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Venom Of Hatred

With the election fever rising high, there is an unusual atmosphere of reckless politicking, crossing all bounds and spewing the venom of  hatred and vengeance. The Supreme Court had to awaken the Election Commission for reining in the politicians who dared to cross their contours violating the model code. Union Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi was found pressuring the Muslim voters to vote for her, failing which she may not be responsive to their needs, thereby violating the poll code. Senior SP leader Azam Khan has been charged for making sexist remarks on Jaya Prada, his rival, which are not worth mentioning. Yogi Adityanath, the star campaigner for BJP has landed in trouble uttering that if the Congress, the SP and the BSP have faith in Ali then the BJP has faith in Bajrang Bali, unnecessarily stimulating communal passions between groups. BSP supremo Mayawati was not less in her articulation simply urging the Muslim community not to vote for a particular party. Can we not do campaigning without resorting to religious outbursts? In Goa a Catholic priest was a cut above all the rest, who not only urged the parishioners to refrain from voting for the BJP but said the death of former chief minister Manohar Parrikar due to cancer was a retribution for being anti-Christian. Epitome of the deep-rooted anti-BJP sentiments! But the Catholic priest has tendered unconditional apology.



Promising The Moon For Goans

THIS is with reference to the news report  ‘Goa will be turned into a model state: Gadkari ( NT, April 19, 2019). For the people of Goa what difference will it make to their lives if Goa is turned into a model state in the near future? We have had several of such promises at election time in the past, only to be forgotten overnight. As of now Goa is a unique state, unique in many ways. Do we not have a transport system  that runs without rules and on the whims and fancies of bus operators? Don’t we have taxis and autorickshaws that run without fare meters; a power supply that is erratic with frequent outages; a water supply that is insufficient to fill a bucket at the end of the day, roads that are riddled with potholes, traffic that grinds to a halt almost every day, and garbage lying uncollected and scattered  even in the capital city of Panaji? Massage  parlours  have turned into sex dens, beaches  have turned into hotspots for alcohol, drugs and prostitution. In Goa, casinos  are frequented by tourists where black money flows unchecked, and our homegrown mangoes and coconuts sold at exorbitant prices.



BJP’s Pursuit Of Single-Party Govt

EVER since he took the helm, Pramod Sawant is proving to be a Chief Minister in the traditional mould. Not for him the ‘politics of coalition’ that has given the state a strange assortment of legislators propping up his party to form the government. Engineering the split in the MGP, it was quite evident that Sawant is a man with a mission. For the moment though he appears to be consolidating the party’s position in the present ‘ghatbandhan’. Although playing his cards close to his chest, with hints being dropped on various occasions that a few more legislators are ‘eager’ to join the BJP, he has apparently waged a war of nerves to wear down his allies. Exhorting the party cadre to help build the party so that it will not have to depend on allies in forming the government next time, the Chief Minister  has shown a distinct fondness for reverting to the conventional style of governance where the single-party rule gave the country and its territories better administration. Coalitions may be the in-thing in Indian politics today but just as the adage ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ so implies, the coming together of an assortment of leaders subscribing to different ‘ideologies’ will similarly affect governance. But at a time when major parties are incapable of mustering enough seats on their own, dependence on smaller outfits to enable them to assume power has seen a proliferation of fledgling parties and a rising number of ‘Independents’ in the fray with the sole aim of ‘selling’ themselves to the highest bidder for their ‘support’. Look at the MGP in Goa! From a domineering regional party, it is today a pale shadow of its former self. Yet it unflinchingly manages to align itself with the ruling faction every so often. Such self-indulging ‘initiatives’ have only exposed the duplicity of our leaders who are ever ready with their own justifications for their ‘support’ even if it means going against the mandate of the people. When monetary deliberations far outweigh any other consideration in the mad race for power, the result is the rampant horse-trading.


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