Tuesday , 17 September 2019
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Protecting Natural Habitat Of Tigers

It is heartening to note that images of a tigress and her two cubs were caught on camera traps installed in the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary. The pictures show the tigress and her cubs walking in an inaccessible area on the bank of a river. Obviously, the tigress must have come with her cubs to drink water. All this goes to show that the area is a natural habitat of the tiger. This fact is obvious also due to the presence of cubs. Tigers are an endangered species and are poached for their body parts and their skin which seek a huge sum in the international market. The state forest department needs to take all necessary steps to protect these wild cats and their cubs. These wild animals need to be provided with necessary environment to grow and multiply. It may be recalled that ‘Project Tiger’, a tiger conservation programme, was launched in 1973 by the government of India. The officials of the forest department also need to be complimented for capturing the image of the tiger and the cubs which was preceded by much research and study into detecting its presence. It would also be in the fitness of things to declare some portion of the Mhadei wildlife sanctuary as a tiger reserve.


Ensure EVM Authenticity By Using Bar Codes

In the light of credible allegations of irregularities in the identification of genuine electronic voting machines (EVMs) and accompanying voter verifiable paper audit trails (VVPATs) thus leading to suspicion of malpractices in counting of votes in the suspected replaced EVMs, it may be suggested that after every EVM is sealed post voting, a customised bar code may be pasted on the EVM as an identification tag which is recorded in a customised master bar code directory as is done in the case of bank accounts in the banks, so as to ensure complete authenticity of the EVM used for exercising franchise. Also, when the EVM is being taken up for counting, the bar code sensing device should be used and only genuine matching bar coded EVMs should be taken up for counting after precise verification. This will go a long way in being able to count only the genuine EVMs used for exercising franchise in every polling booth thus doing away with falsification.


Nation Needs Clean, Able Govt

With the conclusion of the seventh phase of Lok Sabha elections, exit polls predict a landslide victory for the BJP-led NDA government at the Centre. But haven’t the poll pundits been a bit too hasty in analysing the voting patterns to foretell a definite victory for the Modi ensemble in 2019? The wait isn’t all that long, but the pollsters would have us believe that the results are definitely bound to be a repeat of the 2014 elections. But as has been averred; with most of them having gone wrong in recent times, the exit polls are definitely not a reflection of the exact polls. As a means of increasing their TRPs and keeping viewers engrossed, the poll analysis and predictions become a favourite pastime for the TV channels. These essays may keep political enthusiasts riveted to the idiot box but what really matters is the results as the counting of the votes begin! Yet, one can’t but admire the gusto with which supporters have already commenced celebrating their parties’ success at the polls! The highly debatable shortcomings of the NDA government notwithstanding; with the countrymen having developed an aversion for anything anti-Namo over the past few years, the invincibility associated with the Modi aura has only earned the BJP coalition an added fillip. Hence a feeling that these predictions are driven by the ‘Namo-fascination’ fostered by people who believe that Modi portrays that face of the nation in all its sincerity which they are sure will only be breached if the ‘immature’ opposition ‘accidentally’ comes to power. Although there are many who cannot resist comparing the Indian Prime Minister with US President as part of a growing brotherhood of strongmen leaders, it is, however, ridiculous to have suggestions circulating that in case of a reversal, or the ‘unexpected’ happening this time, Modi could well adopt a Trump-like aggressiveness. As one would read it; it is just that the indecisiveness and procrastination that was a ‘way of life’ with the UPA government all through its years of existence has been overwhelmed by the assertiveness and promptness in taking decisions that characterised Modi’s term in office.


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