Saturday , 21 September 2019
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Solving Sabarimala Issue

Now that the BJP government has come to power at the Centre, Sabarimala issue is surely going to be solved taking into account of the assurances given by the Prime Minister during his electioneering for the just concluded Lok Sabha Polls. It is a hot burning issue by all means, and the LDF government in the state of Kerala has never been able to come out of the catch-22 situation so far. Sabarimala issue is always a thorn in the flesh of Kerala government. But the onus is now on the state unit of the NDA follow up on its repeated assurances to press the Centre to bring an ordinance to override the Supreme Court’s verdict permitting young women’s entry at Sabarimala. During Modi’s campaign in Tamil Nadu, where he alleged that the Communists were using brute force to strike at the roots of faith and expression, Modi offered and assured the faithful saying, “As long as the BJP is there, nobody will be able to destroy our faith and culture.”  It may be recalled that BJP state president Mr.Sreedharan Pillai also had promised to press the Centre, once the BJP was back in power, to take recourse to the ordinance route to restore the status quo at Sabarimala. So, the mountainous issue can be solved by the Centre issuing an ordinance overriding the Supreme Court verdict allowing young women at Sabarimala. The LDF Government has no other option since it is committed to implement the court verdict, whether it was for or against young women entry.


Pre-Scripted Drama Of Resignation-Rejection Of Rahul Gandhi

It refers to post-poll meeting of Congress Working Committee CWC held in New Delhi on May 25,  2019 where happenings were on expected lines that Rahul Gandhi owning responsibility of big poll-defeat would offer to resign to be subsequently rejected by CWC. It was despite the fact that Rahul Gandhi himself admitted his big fault by succumbing to pressures of its three senior leaders Ashok Gehlot, Kamalnath and P Chidambram by giving their sons party-tickets. It is noteworthy that out of very few Congress-wins in north India, son of Kamalnath was able to win. At the same time, Rahul Gandhi overlooked his own case that he himself as Congress president was product of dynastic party-tradition. Congress has history that its most successful prime minister was P V Narsimharao who was perhaps the only rare example to run a minority government for full five-year term but was insulted after his death by not allowing his dead body to enter Congress headquarters. Everyone knows that Bharast Ratna Pranab Mukerji despite being the most capable prime ministerial candidate was not crowned on the post because party-owner Nehru-Gandhi family did not trust him to be a loyal to the great political family of India. Even Sardar Patel who was not given due respect by his own party, was honoured adequately by BJP.  Rahul Gandhi can only be replaced practically as Congress president only if either Priyanka Gandhi accepts the responsibility or her son become age-wise eligible to hold the post.


Enticing MLAs From Other Camps

As the whole nation chanted the Namo-mantra, it was quite encouraging to note that Goa did not go entirely with the trend preferring instead to stick with its own choice of candidates for the assembly by-polls and the Lok Sabha elections. While the win for Francisco Sardinha in the South Parliamentary constituency came as a damper to the BJP victory celebrations, the huge win for Babush Monserrate in the Panaji by-polls was like an icing on the cake for the Congress. With Joshua D’Souza – as the youngest candidate to be elected as an MLA – set to take his father’s legacy forward in Mapusa; it is sad but true that the Parrikar-charisma which attracted the Panaji voters for the past quarter-of-a-century has deserted the BJP with the departure of the iconic leader! Strangely though, the defection-politics that has been aiding the cause of the BJP in Goa does not seem to have bothered the locals much. However, barring Mapusa, the endorsement of the two Congress turncoats in Shiroda and Mandrem by the electorate points towards a drift where the candidates, and not the party, will decide the outcome of the elections in the future. Nevertheless, the wafer-thin margins of victory of most of the winners should caution the parties about their choice of candidates. However hints dropped by the state BJP president that two more MLAs would be joining the party in the coming days raise doubts over democratic norms being adhered to by the ruling dispensation in the state. Ironically, the BJP in Goa has been depending on enticing legislators from other camps to strengthen its tally in the House. In fact it had even thrown the coalition-dharma to disrepute by ‘snatching’ MLAs from its own ally and spreading a wave of uneasiness among its partners vis-à-vis the alliance. This is cheap politics! Somehow, for the BJP in Goa, it has never been easy over the past few years to ‘accept’ and ‘respect’ the mandate of the people! On the other hand, with all tall claims being made about the ‘acquisitions’ planned never really materialising; the Congress in the state has just been ‘striving’ to exist. With such derisive political essays being enacted regularly, the exemplary governance that the ruling-alliance lays claim to, is severely affected!


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