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Temptations To Congress MLAs

WITH rumours going round on Congress MLAs intending to jump the BJP bandwagon, the Congress is caught between a rock and a hard place. The Congress is now pulling out all the stops to keep its flock together. The Goa pradesh Congress committee chief is a worried man because the legislators might be tempted to take a bite of the apple. On the other hand, the state BJP chief says that there are no vacancies in the party. One interesting aspect of the whole game is that supporters of both the parties are braying at the moon. The Congress supporters are shocked by the readiness of the Congress MLAs to betray the electors and the party. The BJP workers are angry because they don’t want Congress pariahs to pollute the pure blood of the BJP. Are Congress MLAs untouchables? Some moral policemen are critical of this ‘prostitution’, while the others are willing to give their blessings to the MLAs eager to jump the political fences. Isn’t this disgusting? The MLAs have sold or are willing to sell their voters’ trust! What they promise before the election and what they do after is quite different, and contrary to all expectations. They have buried their assurances and their manifestos in a dark tomb. The lawmakers do not carry the burden of a conscience.


Banks Obliged To Depositors

THE money in the banks belongs to depositors. If accountholders stop depositing their money in the banks then the banks will find it difficult to run their business. However, the banks take the accountholders for granted. They do not pass on the benefits when the central bank lowers the lending rate. I agree that the banks have been passing through a bad patch due to the phenomenal rise in bad loans. Although the central government gave them relief, the banks have not yet come out of the woods. But they should stop charging stiff fees from the depositors. The banks should not forget the fact that most of them are scheduled banks, and public welfare is one of their mottos.


Inconvenienced By Waterlogging

THE waterlogged roads in the state give a tough time to motorists. Oftentimes it happens that motorists zoom past the waterlogged stretches of the roads, splashing dirty water onto pedestrians. Sometimes motorists skirt around the waterlogged areas of the roads, which could lead to accidents.  The concerned authorities should take a serious note of the waterlogged stretches of the roads and take some remedial steps so that motorists and pedestrians are saved from inconveniences.


When Rain Queers Cricket Pitch

THE idiosyncrasies of the game of cricket are too many to enumerate! Emerging as a new vibrant nation from the shadows of the apartheid regime, the South African team, as the darlings of the 1992 World Cup, will never forget the impossible target they were set in their semifinal against England – 22 runs off one ball! Thanks to the farce that so often crops up when the game’s regulations get themselves in a tangle, a shower is all it takes to wreck a classic contest between bat and ball. Even quarter of a century later, things have not changed much in the game of cricket when it comes to the rules and regulations that govern the game vis-à-vis hold-ups due to the vagaries of nature. Unlike the game of football where the match becomes all the more interesting in wet conditions, it is just covers for the pitch in the event of rains. Likewise, the Duckworth-Lewis-Stern method as a mathematical formulation is designed to calculate the number of runs to get for the team batting second in a limited overs cricket, which is admitted to be the most accurate method of setting a target score! If not for anything else, the DLS method is criticised for killing the spirit of the game. With rain threats looming large over practically every venue in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, it becomes difficult to adjudge the best team in the tournament. Fate will ultimately play a decisive role in deciding the winner in such queer situations. Hence it becomes difficult to understand the logic behind organising cricketing extravaganzas in a land perennially accustomed to the predictions of the weatherman for a bright and sunny day. Cricket is simply not played in the rains! With the weather gods playing truant in the latest edition of the World Cup, matches after matches have been washed out. The scoring system where both the teams are awarded a point each in such cases could further complicate the matters for other sides.


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