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BJP Is Indeed A Party With A ‘Difference’

Are we heading for one nation, one culture, one religion, one election, one supreme leader? BJP, which calls itself the party with a difference, seems to be bereft of ethics, morality, honesty and is accepting tainted politicians and defectors with welcome arms and garlands. Power by hook or crook seems to be the mantra. What is going on in Karnataka is another example. Politicians must be protected from poaching and are ensconced in five-star hotels. Democracy, which is about discussion and debate, has been replaced with strong-arm tactics. The Goa Forward Party (GFP) and an independent who were responsible for the survival of the BJP-led government in Goa have now been dropped as allies following the entry of ten rebel Congress MLAs into BJP. The people who have elected their representatives and also the BJP loyalists and cadre are feeling betrayed. All this is apparently being done with a plan wherein the BJP/RSS wants to rule with absolute power with all opposition decimated. What worries me are the historically proven statements ‘Haste makes waste’ and ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’. A BJP MLA’s daughter had to ask for police protection from a court, as she felt threatened by her father/family for marrying out of caste. The party has not censured the MLA or taken any action and appears to be a proponent of moral policing.


On Unbelievable 2019 Cricket World Cup Final

Perhaps the most imaginative writer would also not dare to come up with a script as unbelievable as the 2019 World Cup cricket final. What a fairy tale ending! However, when the winner got decided by the number of boundaries scored in respective innings, it acted not only as a cruel dampener but also rendered a great injustice to the valiant display of the unsung Kiwis. Barring Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor and Trent Boult, there were hardly any stars in the lineup. Yet by virtue of impeccable team spirit and fighting attitude with cool minds, the Kiwis had succeeded in equalling the star-studded English in all departments including the super over  in the latter’s own den Lords in the thrilling final. Justice would have been adequately served had both, England and New Zealand been declared joint winners. It would have been a much better, fair and saner ending of the World Cup than the employment of the ridiculous yardstick of boundaries scored to decide on the Champion.


End Opposition To Inter-caste Marriages

In India, about five per cent marriages are inter-caste. Disturbing happenings across India has rekindled the debate: why a big chunk of Indian parents are against inter-caste marriages? There is also an interesting twist to the story – A Dalit man or woman marrying a non-Dalit woman or man has ignited flames in the minds of parents who believe adverse ‘social ramifications can mar the family prestige, so dear to their hearts. The story that is making headlines in newspapers and news channels is from Uttar Pradesh and belongs to Sakshi Mishra, who had the gumption, instinct and common sense to spell out, through a videoconference, fear for life of her would-be husband and herself from her own father for marrying a Dalit. Evidently, Sakshi’s father, a BJP party lawmaker, Rajesh Mishra, had nothing but contempt against his son-in-law, a Dalit. Antipathy towards women is dangerous to the society. It is a chronic bias towards women and an acute hatred towards them for making an independent choice of their own. Despite modernisation, different rules apply to a man and a woman. Parents believe they have absolute control over their daughters, in particular – they protect their daughters to a fault. The father’s ‘pride’ and ‘prestige’ are on line. The tendency to do away with the life of their own sons-in-law and, sometimes, daughters is frightening and disgusting. Examples have amply proven that counselling the parents may not help at all. So, a ‘carrot-and-stick’ approach on the part of the police is the need of the hour.


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