Sunday , 22 September 2019
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Carry Out Post-occupancy Audit Of Buildings

There is a law to restrict the limits of building constructions and all the concerned authorities are aware of the law. However, no authority is interested in carrying out post-occupancy audit of construction of buildings even after complaints have been filed. Many constructions undertaken are not carried out as per the approved plans. The stilt parking areas are mostly converted for various purposes. As a result, the buildings become unsafe, but nobody seems to be worried. According to the Goa land development and building construction regulations, 2010, the licensing authority, which is the village panchayat in case of villages, shall carry out a post-occupancy audit of buildings within five years from the date of issuing occupancy certificate to the buildings. The licensing authority, however, lacks technical officers. As an example, in one case, secretary of the licensing authority sent a proposal for post-occupancy audit to higher authorities like the town and country planning department or Planning and Development Authority. However, further procedure escaped these offices, which is quite surprising. Shall the public approach the court in such cases? But, it is common knowledge that fighting a case in a court is not affordable for common people. Hence, legal action against such illegalities remains a dream.


Shifting Of Casino  Vessels From Mandovi

The offshore casino issue is not new to Goa. Even the appointment of a gaming commissioner was conceptualised by the previous ruling government and former chief minister Manohar Parrikar kept reassuring the people that he would take up all the issues with regard to the casinos creating problems to the public. Panaji MLA Atanasio Monserrate now plans to put a system in place as per his promise in his vision document within 100 days but Chief Minister Pramod Sawant has said he now needs time to examine the situation. This is not a new situation and this is not a new government in the sense that the BJP has been in power in Goa for years and has been in charge of Panaji for decades. Will the casinos remain permanently on the River Mandovi or will the Chief Minister’s examination be favourable to the interests of the public? If he succeeds in getting rid of the casino vessels from the Mandovi after his ‘examination’, Goans will give him excellent marks for being a successful examiner.


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