Saturday , 21 September 2019
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Judgement Day For Many Politicians

Karnataka Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy has taken the nation by surprise it seems by invoking the Bible and Judgment Day for the punishment of the BJP for using illegal means to topple his government. Whether political parties and politicians believe in Apocalyptic punishment for sins committed is a moot question. Their present behaviour also belies the existence of a moral law and a conscience that is righteous, alive  and ticking.  We do not have to wait for Judgment day to  see these turncoats being  punished for such irresponsible  behaviour,  greed for  power and pelf, by throwing constitutional norms to the winds with their open defiance of authority. The need of the hour is a  revamp and strict enforcement of the anti – defection law with no loop holes, that debars defectors from contesting elections for a minimum of six years. Such situations seem to be getting out of hand these days and of common occurrence in many states. This needs to be corrected, if we wish to save our democracy and democratic rights of citizens. 

A F Nazareth, Porvorim

Remove Hawkers From Vicinity Of Educational Institutions

It is shocking to note that a large quantity of ganja was seized from hawkers living on Parade Ground in Campal during an anti-encroachment drive of Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP). During the clearing drive, police reportedly found 43 packets containing 4.3 kg of ganja worth about 4.30 lakhs in the market from the belongings that were being cleared by the municipal staff. The drugs were found in pipes lying on the ground. What is even more shocking is that the hawkers have reportedly been occupying the area illegally for nearly 10 years. What comes as a surprise is how such illegal activities could be carried on in the capital city without raising any suspicion. The government should realize that easy availability of drugs is a serious issue in the state. School children and college students are falling prey to the vice. These packets of drugs were probably meant to be supplied to students. It is observed that several hawkers operate near educational institutions and could double as suppliers of drugs to the students. The police need to swoop down on all hawkers who are occupying land illegally and also those who are operating near educational institutions. If students fall prey to drug addiction at a young age it will be very difficult to rehabilitate them in future. We need to protect our children from this deadly addiction.


Strategic Positions Of Government

Protégés need to step out of the shadows of their mentors if they are to make a mark for themselves in any chosen field. Although Dr Pramod Sawant is not in the same league as late Manohar Parrikar was, but as one who had to hurriedly step into the shoes of the Chief Minister his astuteness and political wherewithal cannot but be admired. A no non-sense man, from the very beginning he has decided to stamp his mark of authority over the manner in which the state would be governed under his stewardship. Getting the top job in the state at a politically young age has however not deterred him from taking fearless decisions. The ‘surgical strike’ on his allies in the aftermath of the political coup carried out on the Congress ‘Opposition’ which placed him and his party in an unassailable position in the House saw his emergence as a leader of substance. Reshuffling bureaucrats and effecting significant changes in the administration, here was a man who wanted to dispel all fears about partisanship in government offices reducing work efficiency. The decision by the cabinet to withdraw senior advocate and additional solicitor general of India Atmaram Nadkarni from representing the state in all matters in the Supreme Court, the National Green Tribunal and the Mhadei Water Disputes Tribunal sends the message across loud and clear that Pramod Sawant as the CM is systematically carrying out a purge. Replacing appointees of the last government and divesting them of all responsibilities, Sawant intends having his own team placed in strategic positions in the government. While the BJP is apparently looking at Dr  Pramod Sawant as a long-term prospect in Goa in the post-Parrikar phase; the declaration by the CM in the State Legislative Assembly that his government has begun planning development works for the next 25 years more than substantiates it. The CM sure has his job cut out for him!


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