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‘Local wineries need to produce wines that can meet international standards’ Ajgaonkar


Minister for tourism and sports Manohar Babu Ajgaonkar said that local wineries and breweries need to conduct research and come up with innovative experiments that will help Goan wines to compete with international brands. He was speaking at the inaugural of The Grape Escapade at DB Bandodkar Grounds, Campal.

Ajgaonkar said that festivals like The Grape Escapade are a medium for these winemakers to show their innovative products and market it to the audiences as there are not only Goans but also domestic and international tourists visiting the four-day festival.

“We are not only promoting cashew as wine but we are also speaking about its medicinal benefits, there are various fruits and berries that are used to make wine at the same time they serve various medicinal purposes, hence, we need to the look at the festival as a promotion of Goa’s rich cultural and heritage,” added Ajgaonkar.

Chairman of Goa Tourism Development Corporation Limited (GTDC) Nilesh Cabral also mentioned that their main aim is to take the festival to an international level. “People have already started showcasing their own experiments. Today, if you see at the festival you can find wide range of wines that are available. It’s not only cashew or grape but there are other fruits and berries like papaya, ginger, apple and several other wines which are not commonly found. That means people are experimenting and trying new methods,” said Cabral.

The inaugural of The Grape Escapade 2018 was followed by live band performance by ‘Sky high’ and other cultural programmes.

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