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Make in India knee for joint replacement surgeries

Team B&C/ NT

Genuin Knee System, developed by orthopaedic surgeons across India launched in Goa recently. The launch was by Dr Ameya Velingker, a surgeon specializing in joint replacement operations and the knee system is manufactured by Biorad Medisys,

Speaking at the launch Jitendra Hegde, managing director, Biorad Medisys, said that, the design of the artificial knee was finalized approximately nine years ago with minor changes in the design to solve critical problems ailing all the existing knee replacement systems in the market. The final designed prosthesis was subjected to most stringent tests and was tested for several years at Endolab, Germany, one of the most prestigious testing labs in endo-prosthesis.

The whole reason for an Indian design is because of constant complains and dissatisfaction of Asian population to knee prosthesis. Indian patients unlike the Caucasian or Western race were extremely dis-satisfied after a total knee replacement surgery. The cause was always discussed and deliberated at various orthopaedic conferences and meetings and the solutions brought by the multinational companies were not very rewarding and too expensive to benefit everyone, said Hegde.

The main issue was the sizing of the implants. The striking difference in the Indian population is that Indian bones are narrower in geometry as compared to the Caucasian and African race. This fundamental problem made most joint replacement surgeons to come to a compromised situation and to find the best bail out option while doing a surgery causing the minimal pain and poor knee score.

The launch date of the knee system coincided with celebrations to mark first 100 successful Genuin Knees implanted in Goa by Dr Velingker.

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