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MOG to hold lecture on conserving heritage sites of Old Goa


Old Goa, presently a World Heritage Site known for its churches and convents, was once a large and important Port City of the 16th century Goa under the Portuguese rule and therefore this place holds great importance to the state and its history and there is a need to conserve this site. Giving information about the same, conservation architect, Ketak S Nachinolkar will be delivering a lecture on the ‘Conserving the World Heritage Site of Old Goa’.

The event will be curated by founder of MOG, Subodh Kerkar. Ketak who will be talking about the present mileu of semi-urban development and tourism activity at the site, apart from the surviving structures and the larger visible ruins, the contextual footprint of the historic city is hardly visible and recognised. He will be talking about how the various fragments of the ruins of the old city abound at the place in every nook and cranny of the place.

Ketak will also throw light on how conservation as a domain involves the management of heritage components based strongly on a thorough understanding and identification of the true identities of the various components involved.

The talk also attempts to present an understanding of the historic site with the rediscovery of the heritage site as it has evolved over the centuries of its inhabitation and its various facets and based on these aspects look at safeguarding and managing the site for the future.

Ketak completed his Bachelors of Architecture in 1998 from the Goa College of Architecture and thereafter his Masters in Architecture with specialisation in Architectural Conservation from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi in 2002. With his practice established since 2002-03, he has been involved with consulting for many projects for Architectural Conservation as well as Architecture in Goa and around. His works range from conservation policies and planning, assessment reports and conservation plans, architectural research and actual works in restorations as well as new structures.

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