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Museum fellowship applications invited

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) in collaboration with Benaulim-based Goa Chitra museum is inviting applications for museum fellowships. NT BUZZ speaks to Victor Hugo Gomes to find out more



India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) in collaboration with Benaulim-based cluster of museums – Goa Chitra, Goa Chakra and Goa Cruti, invites applications for a museum fellowship. This initiative is supported by Tata Trusts.

The Archival and Museum Fellowships initiative of IFA began with the two-fold objective of providing practitioners with an opportunity to generate new, critical and creative approaches to public engagement with collections in archives and museums, and to energise these spaces as platforms for discussion and debate.

The fellowship offers creative practitioners a large spectrum of materials to work with from all three museums, Goa Chitra, Goa Chakra and Goa Cruti for a period of nine months. The awardee will be responsible for curating an exhibition and presenting the collection through a series of activities such as talks, workshops and other public programmes during this time.

Museologist and founder of Goa Chitra, Goa Chakra, Goa Cruti, Victor Hugo Gomes explains that the fellow will be jointly chosen by Goa Chitra and IFA, on the basis of merit of the proposal they send in, on how creative their projects are, on the varieties of public events they will organise around the collections, and the amount of time they can devote to the research. The focus of this fellowship is to engage with local communities.

“The aim behind the fellowship is to make the collections of Goa Chitra, Goa Chakra and Goa Cruti accessible to a larger public through events organised through the year, to look at the collections through different frameworks, construct alternate histories through the objects and to make the museum a platform for dialogue and debate,” says Gomes. The fellows in turn will be given access to material that is otherwise unavailable to them.

These museums have had many researchers before who came to study some of the collections but not on a specific fellowship. Victor will facilitate the research and open up the museum’s collection to multiple interpretations.

The fellowship provides an honorarium of Rs 2 lakhs for nine months. A separate budget will be provided for the outcomes that include an exhibition and public engagement activities. The deadline for application is Saturday, September 15, 2018. Shortlisted candidates will commence work from October 1.

Applications from curators, visual artists, historians, researchers and other creative practitioners with prior curatorial experience and a strong interest in research and working with museum collections are welcomed. Also, applicants are encouraged to think through interdisciplinary and collaborative approaches and methods. Applicants from Goa will be given preference. Practitioners who are Indian nationals or have been residents of India for five years or more are eligible to apply for this fellowship.

About the museums

The cluster of three museums – Goa Chitra, Goa Chakra and Goa Cruti was founded by Victor Hugo Gomes. The museums together narrate the history of Goa through objects, texts and oral histories that have been collected from the older members of the community.


* Goa Chitra is an ethnographic museum that has more than 4,000 artefacts that include agricultural tools, traditional pottery, cane woven objects, religious objects of the Catholic and Hindu faiths, kitchen implements in wood, metal and clay, carpentry tools, traditional distillery tools, fishing tools and implements, coconut oil processing tools, among others.

* Goa Chakra, a museum dedicated to the ‘wheel’, displays many historically significant artefacts related to the wheel and a collection of about 70 non-mechanised unique modes of Indian transport, dating from the turn of the 20th century. The collection includes ancient carts and carriages, children’s toys on wheels, dowry chests on wheels, spinning wheels, irrigation wheels, a handloom machine on wheels, chariots, and palanquins from across the country.

* Goa Cruti showcases the cosmopolitan nature of the colonial past of Goa through objects dating back to the 16th century. The collection includes the legal history of Goa as depicted through photographs, books and documents, costumes and jewellery, furniture and crockery, clocks and watches, weapons, musical instruments, traditional games, medical tools, land survey equipment, maps, among others.

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