Monday , 23 September 2019
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Need For Relook At GoaMiles App


The state government is realising the hard way the troubles that assail the conceiving and implementation of a project without taking the stakeholders into confidence. News reports of the app-based taxi-service, ‘Goa Miles’, hitting a roadblock is primarily due to this oversight on the part of the GTDC authorities who have not been persuasive enough to convince the taxi-men the benefits of crossing over to the new mode of business operations envisaged. The bravura exhibited by the GTDC on the face of hostile reactions by the cabbies to the app-based service appears too casual and it may finally boomerang on the government if it is not to take corrective measures right at the outset. The aggressive approach of various associations and taxi-operators’ unions to the presumably ‘dictatorial’ directives of the GTDC initiated in the interest of tourists and tourism in Goa hence needs to be looked at without a prejudiced view. No matter how unfavourable the comments against their services have been, taxi-operators in Goa are suddenly threatened by modern business techniques that will drastically affect their earnings, or so they feel. After having conducted business all this while to a set pattern and tradition, demands for changes in working conditions are being met with stiff opposition. It is as if the cabbies have to come out of their comfort-zones and relent to comparatively unfamiliar ways of transacting business. The onus is on the GTDC to introduce the taxi-operators to the nuances of app-based services which has taken the rest of the country by storm. With conducting business through mobile-apps taking precedence over all other means, soliciting business at counters at the airports, railway stations and bus stands will very soon be an obsolete affair. Entrepreneurs need to keep pace with changing technologies and mould their business activities accordingly. With consumers too relishing the prospects of obtaining all services through various mobile applications, there is no time for complacency any more. ‘Modernize or perish’ being the new business mantra, anyone missing the bus will rue his own fate.



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