Sunday , 22 September 2019
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Oorjaa hand-made paper lights now available in Goa

Vaishnavipratima, Signature Collection store opened in Soccorro, near Vetal temple recently. The home store has an eclectic mix of furniture, home décor and artifacts and is also the only outlet of Oorjaa, a Bangalore based brand of handmade paper lights.

The brand established in 1998 by Jenny Pinto is widely known for its sustainable decorating approach. The lights are made using agricultural and craft waste fibres from lokta, banana fibre paper to upcycled cork and quarry waste to create interesting textures, colours and form. Each light is crafted with care and is of inimitable designs that are easy on the eye and the environment.

Interior designer Vaishnavipratima is the owner of the home store. The store stocks artisanal and exquisite handmade furniture and furnishings. It also boasts of an entirely new range of furniture and accessories, each specifically designed to suit large open Goan houses and the local hospitality industry.

Vaishnavipratima said, “Sustainability is slowly becoming a deciding factor in decor and designing, particularly in lighting and furnishings. One can use eco-friendly materials in lamps, curtains and drapes, rugs, cushion covers, carpets and more. It will be the way of life in few years to come as we need to be and will be compelled to protect our planet.”

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