Saturday , 21 September 2019
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Parking Woes Turning Roads Into War Zones


When we speak of traffic awareness among the masses, there is a tendency to equate it with the disciplined and orderly movement of vehicles on our thoroughfares without creating any bottlenecks. Rising incidents of road fatalities has prompted authorities to enact stringent laws to make commuting a pleasant experience for the public. Using helmets and seat-belts have necessarily become an aspect of safe driving these days. Rash and negligent driving invites disciplinary proceedings which could also entail the impounding and cancellation of licence. In a bid to put a halt to the despicable habit of driving in an inebriated state, the extensive use of Alcometers by the police to check the nuisance has brought about commendable results. Likewise, prohibiting the use of cell-phones while driving and penalising those found infringing on the rules has been a step in the right direction in as far as safety on the road is concerned. However, there is a new ‘predator’ haunting the city streets which characterises everything that is an antithesis of traffic sensibility about which the traffic cops are in as much bewilderment as the fellow-commuters who have been facing harrowing experiences dealing with the latest nuisance. It comes in the form of drivers of both two-wheelers and other vehicles who make it a point to test the patience of other motorists with their stupid and arrogant ways on the roads. For example, as elsewhere in the country, the shortage of parking place has been an inconvenience that has affected residents of all major cities in the state. Taxing around looking for a suitable parking slot for their vehicles, it is highly irritating to find another one blocking access to a vacant one. Defiant to the point of being uncivil, a series of horns in request to make way only produces ‘undesirable’ results with the ‘obstructer’ refusing to concede ground. Resorting to abusive manners to justify his adamancy, the scene soon turns ugly if the ‘offended’ driver is equally hot-headed. When a mild accommodation could solve the problems, why turn the roads into war-zones


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