Tuesday , 24 September 2019
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Pethechi Zatra of Mulgao


The temple of Kelbai at Mulgao, Bicholim, celebrated its annual Pethechi Zatra on April 10. The festival is held every year on the fifth day of the first fortnight of Chaitra, the first month of the Hindu calendar.

From Chaitra Shuddha Panchami till Chaitra Shuddha Ashtami (eighth day), the Kelbai deity is kept in Mayem. From Mulgao she is carried in procession in a cane basket, locally known as the ‘peth’, to Mayem. The cane basket with insignias of Kelbai is kept for the public veneration of the villagers. The wooden masks of various deities carried in the cane basket are unique and reflect the rich cultural heritage of Mulgao.

En route to Mayem, the Kelbai deity is taken via Vhalshi, Borde Bicholim, Pazwada, and is brought back via the old route which passes from the hillock of Mhatarghati.

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