Thursday , 19 September 2019
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Players, club contracts indicate professionalism is yet to set in football in Goa

PANAJI: Football players contracts sourced by The Navhind Times have revealed that at least one professional club from Goa, that was once part of the I-League, signs contracts with players that are not wholly in tune with the minimum contract requirement constituted by FIFA in 2009 and circulated to all it Associations. The contract indicates that Goa is partly behind in attaining professionalism in football.

Copies of all contracts, according to FIFA, need to be submitted to the National Association. The contract of a club in Goa with one of its player states:

1:“At any point of time, if the player does not fit into the first eighteen for fifteen days or more, either due to illness, injury, lack of form, lack of personal effort on the part of the player or fan any other reason, then the club will be free to curtail the consideration amount payable to the player by 50% of the contracted amount for the period of his lay-off (except in case of severe injuries or any other serious illness).”

2: “This contract may be terminated by the club at any time by giving one month’s prior written notice on happening of any of the following events and upon such termination, unless specified below, the player shall not be entitled to nor claim any compensation from the club.”

“FIFA has made it very clear that the length of a player’s contract cannot be terminated. If a player takes his case to FIFA he will surely win. But, if a player goes to a local court he may lose because local courts are not bound by FIFA rules,” a senior member from FIFPro told this newspaper.

“It would have been nice if this player could challenge the club through the forums available in your country. Circumstances differ from country to country but the clause stated in the contract does not confirm with the guidelines set by FIFA,” added the member of FIFpro.

“Decreasing the salary of a player based on performance is not accepted because the word performance is very subjective. A player’s contract cannot have a clause based on performance. It is illegal and once again the player will win if he approaches FIFA,” said our sources.

“All teams in ISL insure their players. If a player is contracted for a year and he gets injured in four months, he is paid his full wages because the player is insured by the club. The only difference is that the club pays a heavy premium to insure the player. Local clubs try to avoid playing the premium and that is why such clauses appear in contracts,” said a member of the Football Players Association of India (FPAI).

“You see clubs in the I-League and at the lower level trying to adopt such unprofessional attitudes,” added the member of the Football Players Association of India (FPAI).

The player’s contract in possession with this newspaper has some parts of the contract typed and the others handwritten. “This is an ethical question. There is no rule whether contracts should be hand written or typed as long as they follow the norms of a contract. The ethical aspects of such contracts can be debated,” said the member of FIFPro.

“Players in Goa should speak out against clubs that they think are tying them down. Professionalism starts with the contracts clubs and players sign. If there is a sickness there, there is a sickness everywhere and no intervention will help,” concluded a senior member of FPAI.

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