Saturday , 21 September 2019
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Precautions for the monsoon


School was reopening after a long holiday and all the students in Raju’s class were very happy to reunite. Their class used to participate in all the school activities and win a lot of prizes. Science was their favourite subject. Their models displayed at the exhibition were always praised by all. As the teacher entered the class, she was wished by the students. A few minutes passed before everyone settled down. The teacher said: “Good morning, students. We begin the new academic year today and have a lot of fun to look forward to as we go ahead and learn new things in science this year. The rains are delayed this year, so we have to bear the summer heat for some more days. But the rains will start soon and we should be aware of the precautions to be taken before the wet season starts.”  Meera said: “I have kept my umbrella and raincoat ready.” Tanya said: “I purchased new rain shoes last week.”

Everyone began to talk about their preparedness for the rainy season.

“You are all ready for yourself. But let us see what else we may need to do,” said the teacher.  Raju stood up and said: “Teacher my father got the tyres of his scooter replaced as they were worn out. He also got his scooter serviced and will be taking the car for inspection of tyres this weekend. He says that the cables get hard to operate due to loss of lubrication, and we must lubricate or replace them so that they work well. Also during the rains we must wash the vehicles if there is a lot of mud on the roads, as it gets accumulated on the brake levers and jams.”

“Also make sure that all the lights including the headlamp, the tail lamp, brake lamp, sidelights are working properly as they are very important while you are driving during the nights,” said the teacher.

“Some people drive with the headlamps and the fog lamps on at the same time when it is raining. My father gets very annoyed as he says fog lamps are to be used in foggy conditions when the visibility drops. But if one uses them in rainy conditions it becomes a nuisance for the drivers approaching from front, as there are four lamps in front and four reflections in the wet road, making it very irritating to drive as you are blinded by that light,” said Rahul.

 “Yes Rahul, some people are not even aware of the use of the fog lights. Many people turn all the lights on a nice clear night. It does nothing good, but causes a lot of difficulty to the approaching vehicle from the front by blinding them. Tyres have to be in good condition so that they do not skid on braking on the wet roads.”  “There are many more precautions that need to be taken before the rains set in. We will continue in our next class,” concluded the teacher.

(Writer is a mechanical engineer and runs a hands-on science activity centre at Margao)

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