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Quelossim villagers demand jobs for local youth in Verna factories




The gram sabha members of Quelossim village panchayat, on Sunday, demanded with the deputy sarpanch Sebastiao Serrao to provide a list of industries in its jurisdiction and details of vacancies if any, so that local youth can apply for jobs.

The gram sabha of Quelossim Village Panchayat discussed various issues pertaining to development. Lopinho Xavier of Uddo Quelossim demanded that the panchayat authorities to provide a list of industries located at IDC Verna which comes under Quelossim Panchayat jurisdiction.

He asked the sarpanch to provide details of vacancies if any, which could help the unemployed youth to apply for jobs.

He enquired about the release of funds to the Quelossim Panchayat from Cortalim Village Panchayat as per the directions issued by the director of panchayat in a meeting held on September 25, 2017. The gram sabha members have decided to file objections over refunding of funds as demanded by Cortalim Village Panchayat.

He also questioned the deputy sarpanch whether there was any refund of funds made to the Cortalim Village Panchayat as per the letter given by the Cortalim Panchayat prior to the bifurcation of two panchayat bodies. While replying to Xavier, deputy sarpanch Serrao said that as per assurance given by the Cortalim MLA Alina Saldanha, a 35 room hotel project is proposed at Kesarval Spring and the process is on a fast track.

He sought reply from the Panchayat in connection with the proposed Min India Park project of Movaj Enterprises Pvt Ltd. The panchayat has revoked its NOC.

While replying to Xavier, deputy sarpanch Serrao informed that the project proponent of Mini India Park, Movaj Enterprises had applied for fresh permissions before the panchayat on March 14, 2018 wherein they have sought NOC for floating platforms and for water sports activity within its property.

It was unanimously resolved that no NOC should be issued to Movaj Enterprises. The gram sabha resolved not to commence any work at Mini India Park project site without obtaining permission/NOC from the village panchayat, failing which action will be initiated as per the law.

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