Tuesday , 17 September 2019
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Root Cause of Polarisation Is Right Wing Activism


The country is presently witnessing a lot of right wing activism which is the root cause of polarisation. Take the case of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), which was stormed recently by a group and a former vice president ridiculed without any provocation. This has led to an immediate polarisation and ironically, there is now a lot of ‘targeted’ outrage against students of AMU who merely shouted slogans in protest against the outright hooliganism. No independent or neutral observer will say the AMU students have done anything wrong in shouting slogans and there is nothing anti-national about it. Members of ‘Hindu Yuva Mahini’ had no business to storm into their university and create disturbances there. It is they who need to be condemned and not the AMU students. This so-called ‘nationalist’ agenda of trying to use extra-constitutional methods to promote a particular kind of ideology or right-wing politics is actually turning out to be the root cause of division and is sowing the seeds of a divided India. The Yogi government must focus on giving his people good governance and not keep resorting to diversionary and divisive tactics like these every now and then. Jinnah was conferred with life membership of the AMU and his portrait is hung there since 1938. What is the big deal about it. It is part of India’s history and heritage which cannot be erased. So many portraits, statues, memorials and monuments are there of the British, Portuguese, Mughals and so many other rulers. Should we start demolishing them one by one? What kind of skewed logic is this and where are we heading? One wonders how members of this group could muster the courage to storm a university with guns in a state which only a short time ago wanted us to believe how they had brought even the most hardened criminals down to their knees through their ‘encounter policies.’ Does it not show collusion of the state and police with them? Such hard line thought processes cannot be allowed to be the norm in India and need to be nipped in the bud.



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