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Sangam: A confluence of artists and mediums

A Goan’s love for art is not hidden from anyone and this may be the reason for the growing number of artists in the state. Throughout the year, we see a number of exhibitions which provide a platform for artists whether by training or not, to showcase their skills to the public. With this in mind, Ravindra Bhavan, Vasco is presenting ‘Sangam’ an art exhibition featuring 11 young artists on September 23 and September 24. NT KURIOCITY speaks to a few artists to know more


Are you an art enthusiast? Well, if yes then get set for an amazing art experience at the exhibition ‘Sangam’, featuring 11 young artists on September 23 and September 24 between 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Ravindra Bhavan, Vasco. Over 100 works ranging from traditional and digital paintings to photographs will be displayed under one roof. The artists, barring one, are graduates and students of Goa College of Fine Arts (GCA).

All 11 artists got the opportunity to exhibit their work when manager of Ravindra Bhavan, Arun Lolayekar suggested that Karteek Mahatme, a graduate of GCA hold an exhibition here. Karteek who has specialised in illustrations liked the idea and then approached the other 10 artists whom he knew since his school and college days, to give their art exposure and for business purposes. He says: “I have been part of five exhibitions so far. I will be displaying 16 artworks for this exhibition which include illustrations, ink and watercolor paintings.”

Kalpita Mandrekar, graduated from the GCA has specialised in audio visual medium and has won second place in photography at the State Art Exhibition held by Kala Academy. “I have interest in applied art as well as painting. Karteek had an idea of group exhibition since he was my classmate he had asked me if I was interested.” As she was interested in painting and photography she decided to show her skills through this platform. Four paintings, six illustrations, approximately 20 photographs and five digital artworks will be displayed by her.

Kalpita adds that everyone has their unique styles when they exhibit their artworks in groups, the audience will get to see a variety of styles in one go. “They can experience how artists express their emotions from different forms of art,” she says. Expressing her views about the scope for new artists who are trying to make a name in the field, Kalpita feels that the competition is getting tough day by day and to stand out from the crowd they have to keep on practicing and improving their skills.

But for Alisha Chari, studying applied art at GCA, this exhibition is totally a new experience even though she has exhibited her work earlier. She says: “I have given my work to State Art Exhibition held at Kala Academy for two years but this is a different experience as I got to submit my work without any selection process.” She likes to experiment on different subjects that she has not tried before and like photo ink the most. For the exhibition she will be displaying five paintings and two photographs.

Having specialised in computer graphics Shweta Nagde also graduated from GCA. She is a photographer by profession and will display 17 photographs on the theme ‘Glimpses of Goa’ and some portraits as well. She says: “I do candid photography for events. I love portraits and landscapes.” Shweta further says that Goa is more than beaches and the reason she chose this theme is because she wanted to showcase her work that is related to Goa.

While all others have bachelor’s degrees or are pursuing their studies from GCA, it will be interesting to see the work done by Omkar Chari, a self taught artist who has a diploma in mechanical engineering but wants to build a career in art. Speaking about how he took interest in art, he says: “When I was in class 7 I got third place in an inter school drawing competition and that is when I got interested in art. And after this my friends also started encouraging me. I want to make a career out of it because art makes me feel good.” At the exhibition he will be displaying around 10 artworks in various mediums including acrylic on paper, paintings on landscapes, dreams and fantasy etc.

The other artists include: Arsalan Hussain, Deelesh Jamsandekar, Nehal Chari, Rajdeep Pal, Rinkey Yadav and Vedika Naik

(‘Sangam’ will be held on September 23 and September 24 between 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at Ravindra Bhavan, Vasco)

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