Sunday , 22 September 2019
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The villagers taking up the garbage issue at the Sangolda gram sabha

Sangolda villagers, sarpanch at odds over door-to-door garbage collection

SANGOLDA: Issues of garbage and bad state of CHOGM road were raised at the gram sabha which was held at the Sangolda panchayat hall on Sunday.

Earlier, villagers observed a one-minute silence to pay homage to the former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Later the gram sabha started its business.

Villagers questioned the sarpanch Avinash over payment of Rs 70,000 every month to the garbage contractor from the panchayat fund and argued that he is not doing his work properly.

Villagers said, “Every villager is paying Rs 180 as garbage tax a year to collect door-to-door garbage collection which is not done by the garbage contractor instead he is only collecting garbage from hotels, guest houses and big colonies so why charge villagers if the panchayat cannot ensure a proper door-to-door garbage collection.”

The sarpanch told the gram sabha that the work of garbage collection is outsourced, adding, “The erstwhile garbage contractor was charging Rs 35,000 but there were a number of complaints as such his contract was terminated.”

He said that the present contractor is doing a fine job and that if any villager comes with a suggestion of a better contractor who can discharge better services at lower cost, he is welcome. He said that the file of garbage work has been sent to the director of panchayats for funds and if the government funds come to the panchayat then only it will be in a position to tackle the door-to-door garbage collection issue.

Villagers also questioned the panchayat why only Rs 500 is being charged from hoteliers and guest houses when as per rule on every room given rent of one month rent has to be given to the panchayat and if this is done there will be enough funds.

Villagers also claimed that the garbage bins placed at strategic points in the village are very small as such they overflow soon with stray dogs and cows scavenging on the garbage and creating nuisance. Villagers called upon the panchayat to bring bigger bins or place two bins to resolve the issue.

The sarpanch said that the panchayat has 70 bins as such there is no need to get more bins. At this point of time, the villagers said that they have found only 20 bins and asked where are the other bins?

The villagers also raised the issue of bad condition of the CHOGM road due to which there are many accidents taking place and demanded to know the timeframe in which the roads will be repaired.

The villagers also demanded that licences of all bar operating within 100 metres of the Mae De Deus chapel be revoked. The panchayat needs to take stern action on the bars near the chapel at Mae De Deus waddo, they said.

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