Monday , 23 September 2019
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Savlem lake desiltation work taken up

PILERNE: The work to desilt the Savlem lake, which is a catchment area, in Pilerne has been taken up. The Kafmar company has taken up the work of de-weeding and desilting the lake under its CSR activity.

Due to the lack of maintenance, the lake which is a  catchment area, was full of weeds. Even the  spring which has medicinal value could not be used due to non-maintenance.

As per the locals, this water catchment area never lets the surrounding wells  go dry.

Of late it has become a site for bird watching as many migrating birds visit the lake.

In the past, especially, during the summer season, many locals used to come for picnic and enjoy the spring water. It was a popular spot among the locals and surrounding area villagers, said Agnelo Fernandes.

Sarpanch of Pilerne Amarnath Govekar told this daily that the issue of desilting was pending for long.

“The panchayat has taken the initiative to desilt the lake under CSR activities. Even the spring work will be taken up.

We want the past glory of this lake to be restored,” he added.

“In the past, some work on the spring was taken up under zilla panchayat funds. Even the rooms were constructed but as they were not maintained there was misuse by the locals,” he said.

Attorney of the Pilerne Comunidade had raised the issue of Savlem lake beautification. He had stressed that the lake site could be developed into a tourist spot.

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