Tuesday , 24 September 2019
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Stray cattle menace goes unchecked in Valpoi

Abdulla Khan | NT

Valpoi: The Valpoi civic body’s initiative to curb the cattle menace on the town roads has failed to yield the desired results.

Despite having a full-time cattle pound keeper, the Valpoi Municipal Council has failed to get rid of the cattle menace haunting the motorists on the roads in the town.

Even after repeated proclamation of curbing the menace by authorities, stray cattle is increasingly becoming a nuisance on the main town roads, hampering traffic and at times leading to accidents in Valpoi.

A survey by this daily revealed that a number of stray cattle are found squatting mostly during late evening on the lanes from old Navodaya school building, Hathwada junction, near CHC, opposite Unity High School and near Sattari bazaar building. Many more continue to roam on Valpoi’s roads hindering the smooth flow of traffic.

As the civic administration has failed to tackle the problem, the motorists continue to have a hard time on the roads.

It may be recalled that in the year 2008, the Valpoi Municipality initiated measures to tackle the menace and passed proposal for the construction of a cattle pound in ward number 3 of its jurisdiction. The pound was then constructed, however, till date it has served no purpose.  

A VMC source said that the cattle pound exists and there is a full-time cattle pound keeper but the civic body has failed to impound a single cattle till date.

The source further said that the government has appointed an NGO to look after the stray cattle under the ‘Stray Cattle Management Scheme,’ initiated by the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services   with a purpose to make Valpoi roads free from the stray cattle.

The scheme envisages impounding of stray cattle and transporting them by specialised vehicles to the cattle pound where arrangements are made to look after the animals.

As per the records available with the office of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services in Valpoi, 150 cattle were impounded since 2017, out of which 3 died.

According per the Official Gazette, the agency (NGO) shall be responsible to catch the stray cattle from the roads, fields, public places in their area of operation and transport them to the cattle pound in their respective area of operation.

The agency shall impound, look after the animals during the holding period and transport the animals by specialized vehicle to the cattle pound in their area. The police shall render all the protection required for the successful implementation of the scheme. The co-operation of the concerned municipality shall be the pivotal factor in the success of the scheme.

A commuter, when asked about his observation on the cattle menace said, “I am unable to see any change as the stray animals continue to frequent our roads in Valpoi. The authorities should undertake enforcement drives and impound the animals”

Clueless about the implementation of the scheme, VMC chairperson Akhtar Shah agreed that somewhere there is a lack of enforcement and added that he would ask the concerned official and staff to look into the matter.

“I am aware of the rise in number of stray cattle in Valpoi, and will ask the NGO to impound the bovines and will provide necessary help if needed or else we will send a report to the concerned department” said Shah.

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