Monday , 23 September 2019
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Summer time symphonies from Mumbai

Mumbai musicians Ramya Pothuri and Aarifah Rebello will be performing in Goa on May 26 as part of their Summer Break Tour. NT BUZZ spoke to the duo to know about their performance and more


Singer-songwriters Ramya Pothuri and Aarifah Rebello have been making waves on the indie music circuit in the country.

And the two who met while working on the  Kadak Apple Collective, have now teamed up for a Summer Break Tour which will see them visit a few cities around India like Mumbai and Pune, apart from Goa.

Their Goa stopover at Hideaway, Vagator will see them showcasing a lot of their new upcoming music.  “Aarifah and I are playing so much new material, and we have a little joint set that we’re performing at the end so it is going to be fun,” says Ramya.

With a musician father, Ramya grew up surrounded by music. And not surprisingly she caught the bug too, and decided to try her luck as a vocalist after she moved  from USA to Mumbai a couple of years ago.

And although she had been writing her own songs for awhile, it was just something she did for fun. But this changed when she happened to show her songs to a friend one day, who in turn put her in touch with a producer. 

“I met him and we recorded my songs in a four song EP called ‘We Never Left’. I put that out and that’s how things started. That was around two and a half years ago,” says Ramya.

The young singer reveals that she has a lot of singles coming out soon. Besides this, she is part of a project called ‘Water and Rum’ which will be out this September.

Aarifah on the other hand got into music in 2015. Since then she has performed with some noted names including Madame Gandhi on her India tour and for celebrated Grammy Award winner Yo-Yo Ma on his recent visit to Mumbai.

 “Performing with Madame Gandhi was really interesting as I hadn’t really worked with anyone in that genre before. Learning her songs was fun. And she’s such an inspiration as a person,” states Aarifah.

Her experience with Yo-Yo Ma was quite interesting too. “I had lost my voice on the day of the show but still half sang, half whispered, and half spoke. Yo-Yo Ma later told me that he felt the performance and how vulnerable I was letting myself be. He didn’t know I had lost my voice!” she shares.

Aarifah has also done Grade 5 in drums. She also taught herself to play the guitar with help from her friends, YouTube, and whatever books she could get her hands on.

“I haven’t been vocally trained but of late I have been following Jamie Vendera’s teachings. I haven’t studied songwriting either but I keep reading things about writing, watching/going for workshops on songwriting, and piecing it all together in my head,” says Aarifah. The few projects she is associated with at the moment include ‘Ladies Compartment’, ‘Toycatcher. She is also working on her solo project ‘aarifah’.

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