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Come rains and it is busy period for gyms in the state. Gym owners are reporting a seasonal spurt in memberships and small boom in business during the monsoons, finds out Serilda Coutinho

Sunny takings for gyms in rains

Monsoons are considered as slack season for several businesses in the state. But at the gyms it looks like busy times as residents take to the treadmill with zeal and gym memberships spurt.

Gym owners use the rains to their benefit through special offers and discounts to lure customers out of their homes in pouring rains.

Norbet D’souza, proprietor, Norbert fitness studio, says that, he slashes rates by 20 percent to grab the monsoon market. “The months from June to August are peak season for us. We have observed a growth of 40 per cent in new members during this period for the past few years at all our branches.” D’souza attributes the spike in business to the pathetic conditions of the road that get worse in the monsoons. “Residents prefer to gym rather than making their way through the puddles for a jog,” says the fitness czar.

During the rains as there are no festivals, sports events and school vacations end, so parents have time to take up their fitness routine again. Gyms typically see an increase in the clientele base. Home makers, sports inclined and senior citizens who are found pounding the streets in dry weather join the gym in order to maintain their fitness regime.

“We offer a 3+1 month package exclusively for the monsoons that starts from June onwards. As clients prefer to invest in workouts at the gym during the months we want to give them the benefit of choosing this option by offering these schemes” says Felipe Alvares, partner, Fitness Bar, Campal who claims to witness a 50 per cent growth during this promotional period.

Apart from offering heavy discounts to make the monsoon service a pocket friendly option, gyms modify their workout plans to suit the requirement of their customers. Sanjay Patil, partner, Maxsan Fitness Hub, Borda, finds the rainy season most profitable compared to the other months. He says that, he experiences a 200 percent increase in new members and a 70 per cent jump in the renewal rate. Having been in this field for the past seven years he feels that this is the best time to make profits by engaging customers depending on their needs.

“I have observed an increase in the number of senior citizens who join our gym in the rains. We customize our sessions for these clients by including a few stretching and cardio intensive workouts, to help them adjust to the switch from jogging to gym training,” says Patil.

On the other hand, there are some for whom the monsoon season offers no significant change in business prospects. Smaller gyms say that, they do not find it necessary to introduce such offers as they have a loyal customer base.

Prasad Dhuri, proprietor, Handstand Gym & Power Fitness, Vasco, reveals that he has decided to discontinue with monsoon packages. “Our gym gets a sufficient number of members during the monsoons and earns profit in other months too. Since our regular clients are willing to continue with their existing package, we do not feel the need to introduce discounts.”

The small, boutique gyms also face the issue of space restriction and have to plan their intake accordingly as they cannot accommodate more members and equipments for the additional members. “We are already full for the monsoon season and considering the limited space we have, we cannot squeeze in more members.”

Monsoon is usually an offseason for traders but for the gyms it is a period of robust business. But post the monsoon gym owners face a drop in membership as their clients get occupied with festivals and the wedding season in the state. “The existing memberships reduces by 25- 30 percent by September as it is time for Chaturthi and soon other festivals follow,” says D’souza who owns at least seven gymnasiums throughout the state.

Gyms are functional throughout the year but memberships spurt within the year depending on the occasion. Apart from monsoons, January, November, December, are good months as people join want to look their physical best for the festive season.

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