Wednesday , 21 August 2019
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Super bikers and their super duper gear

As the passion for biking grows among Goans, the demand for high-end accessories and gear is in the fast lane, finds out Serilda Coutinho 

Spending capability of bikers in Goa, on accessories and riding gears have increased. They are now ready to shell out some extra bucks to add comfort, safety and style. A cross-section of views from high-end bike dealers and riders reveals just how much the market for accessories have changed. Due to the easy availability of branded accessories the latest trend is to splurge on clothing, backpacks and the fancy trimmings.

Aaron Cardozo, founder member, GEARS riding group, Merces, says, “A stock bike is like a blank canvas and owners add accessories to personalize their machines.” Speaking about the budget bikers set aside for their mean machines, he further adds that, most riders do not mind spending at least 10-15 percent of their bike value on accessories.

“Riders get interested in the latest accessories available at the dealers when they are a part of biking groups and notice other riders,” points out Avdumber Hede,manager, Anzen Kawasaki, Chicalim

Monsoon are actually a season of low sales for dealers as according to them 70 per cent of the riders prefer to stay off the road as bikes are prone to damage. To boost sales during the off season, dealers typically have discounts and end-of-season sale. Rosita Rodrigues, sales manager, Royal Enfield Saini Motors, Arlem, points out that, post-monsoon, viz. November to February is the peak season for sales of bike accessories.

“The peak season for accessories occurs during the festival season when customers purchase new bikes,” says Pravin Narvekar, sales in charge, Harley Davidson, Caranzlem. “Our fast selling accessories are engine guard, clutch guard, battery charger and pillion backrest” adds Narvekar.

Maintenance comes with an additional cost and to avoid this riders now prefer to protect their ride using bike protectors. “Frame sliders, axle sliders, bar ends, clutch sliders and reinforced engine casings save the body panels and structural components in the event of crash” says Cardozo.

Race driver, Hede has a word of advice to riders. To equip high speed bikers on our pathetic roads while dodging the potholes, he suggests that riders invest in at least 10 percent of the price of the bike on  gears like helmets, jackets and gloves.

Apart from safety bikers also look for comfortable accessories while riding long distances especially during off-road trips by spending on seat covers, good lighting, tank protector and saddle packs for carry belongings.

For the affluent rider the choice is endless. From face-masks to wrist bands and gloves and goggles the range is exciting for biking aficionados.

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