Sunday , 15 September 2019
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Tech workshop for engineering students

Hexcoderz in association with CIBA, Verna recently held an artificial intelligence (AI) ChatBot Labs workshop. The two-day workshop attended by students from various engineering colleges provided hands-on experience on learning and building chat-bots. Students were introduced to Google’s dialog flow platform which allowed them to create a conversational chat bot which could be easily implemented into various social platforms such as Facebook, Google Assistant etc. The students were divided into groups of three students each and each group was named after a first-gen Pokémon. Students had the freedom to swap their Pokemon with a few listed ones just in-case they didn’t find one easy to work with. The team had to build a chat-bot, with the pokemon being their bot with a real life objective using the abilities of their respective Pokémon’s.

End of the two days the students built a fully functional chat-bot which was implemented on to Google Assistant and Facebook Messenger. Once the chat-bot was done, they had to be presented and judged on their creativity, uniqueness, usefulness, and integration of the chat-bot. The winning team was Team Bulbasaur, where their pokemon was the chat-bot guide for an adventure company where you can do bookings for trips, safari’s, treks, etc. The winning team also got a chance to work with Ashley Alexsius D’souza. founder of hexcoderz, on a live client chat-bot project.

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