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The ‘pyde pyper’ now has a studio


The proverbial ‘pied piper’ of art in Goa, artist and educator Wilson D’Souza has been leading youngsters into the fascinating world of art since 2010 under the banner of the Pyde Pyper Art Academy. Armed with three decades of experience in the field, his goal has always been to nurture the dreams of his students into reality by training them to think creatively and artistically and pursue careers in the field of visual arts. D’Souza conceptualised the idea of studio Banyan Tree to further this goal and nurture a creative society in Goa. 

As an artist, versatility is D’Souza’s forte; he is constantly innovating, creating, reinventing and redesigning. His body of works include paintings and sculptures, prints, photographs, journals, stories and poems, character designs, concept designs, typography and illustrations of various kinds including fashion. Standing as a testament to his dedication, his students have gone on to win laurels at the best art and design colleges both in India and abroad. 

Studio Banyan Tree stands as a symbol of D’Souza’s dedication and passion for art. The space aims at showcasing D’Souza’s art to a wider audience as well as act as a platform for the abundance of upcoming talent. Just like the banyan tree is considered to be the foundation of wisdom, the main objective of the art studio, thus, is to act as a cornerstone for art and art education in the state as well as the country.

For D’Souza, art is a journey into the mind wherein lurk varied fragments of thoughts, moods and personality traits – some naked, truthful and shamed by guilt, others courageous, ferocious and even mischievous. “Art gives me freedom to scrutinise and enquire into human nature and societal tendency and express these findings in a way that may not always be aesthetically pleasing,” he says. “Being an artist vests me with immense power and responsibility to be a constructive critic of the world.” And this is what keeps him constantly evaluating and reasoning on the mystery called life, he adds. 

The inaugural exhibition-cum-sale at the new studio which opens on June 14 will have on display artwork created by D’Souza and his students. The exhibit will feature the diaries, sketchbooks and oil paintings of the students. During the course of the three-day exhibit, 50 students’ art will be showcased. “It’ll be an interactive display – a tour of the studio will also be conducted. Each piece of art will facilitate a conversation rather than just a visual sight,” says artist Deanne Fernandes, who is also Wilson D’Souza’s manager. The theme revolves around various art forms that an individual can pursue with examples of how D’souza has dabbled in each of these fields as well as educated generations in these.

Looking ahead, the aim of the studio is to host various initiatives including an art festival which is in its nascent stages of planning. Other projects in the pipeline include studio visits, workshops and art exhibitions aimed at the specific genres of D’Souza’s work and publications that include written as well as visual matter. 

(The studio will be inaugurated on June 14 at 4 p.m. at the hands of Secretary of Museums and Archives, Government of Goa, Rupesh Kumar Thakur. The inaugural exhibition-cum-sale will be on till June 16, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Banyan Tree, D-7, La Marvel Colony, Dona Paula.)

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