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The rhythm of the rain

Recently released Konkani monsoon melody, ‘Pavs Piso’ by Gautami Hede Bambolkar and Hrishikesh Kadam strings together the essence of the beautiful season in Goa


The rains might be wrecking some havoc, but the season does have a charm of its own. From the lush greenery and the cold winds blowing to wanting to snuggle up on a dark gloomy afternoon, the rains are mesmerising.

And thus, to celebrate this season through song and dance, a Konkani music video ‘Pavs Piso’ has just been released. It is a song that seeks to celebrate the season of love, the season of beauty, the season of melody. Within two days, the video that was released on YouTube has crossed 6,600 views.

Composer and singer, Gautami Hede Bambolkar tells us that the song was written for a ‘Pavali’ which is a poetry recitation event held annually by Antruz Ghudyo, Bandora. “It is an event based on rain poetry. I asked Hrishikesh Kadam to pen down a song for me which he did immediately and I gave it a tune almost in a hurry because the event was near,” she says. Bambolkar had no plans of making it into a video, but after the overwhelming response she received for the song, she considered making the musical video about three years ago.

Bambolkar wanted to start her YouTube channel with a Konkani original song, and with ‘Pavs Piso’ her wish has come true. “We have tried to show our real Goa and its green side through this video. It is a song that welcomes rains. We have tried to show a Goa that probably a lot of outsiders are unaware of. The video is receiving overwhelming response and I am thankful to all,” she says.

Lyricist, Hrishikesh Kadam is overjoyed too that his lyrics translated into a beautiful composition. He is overwhelmed by the response and says that he is motivated to write more and serve the language. Kadam goes on to disclose that there are two more songs in the pipeline with Gautami. “I am sure some more magic is on the way,” he says.                    (DDG)

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