Monday , 23 September 2019
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Tiatr REVIEW JP Pereira


Olga Vaz, known for her hard hitting political songs has released her maiden tiatr, titled ‘Xim’, along with Anil Pednekar. This is an impressive presentation of those addicted to liquor and the outcome – for the family and society as a whole.

Mr and Mrs Borges is an aged couple, sober and very loving. They have raised their only son with lots of love and affection. Unfortunately, the son, Victor loves to drink liquor and is an addict. The couple try their best to change him, first with love, later with threats. But to no avail. He claims he has tensions and one of them is that he needs to get married. But who will marry a perennial drunkard? A girl is found.  Maria was deserted by her parents in an orphanage and the poor soul agrees to marry the drunkard. For a few days, Victor is a changed man. But until how long? The drinking begins again. More tensions? Yes. Watch what happens on stage later, in this stylish and well presented ‘tiatr’.

An addict always has some reason to justify his or her addiction. This is the main theme of the drama and the end is heart rending. A fine script, sleek direction and a cast that is simply great in their respective roles. Care has been taken to dress as per the role. Add to this the music, the comedy and some great songs. Good sets from Anthony de Ambajim and timely light effects too. A meaningful entertainer! The elderly couple is played by Lorna and Aleixinho de Morjim. The two are perfect, the emotions are just right and it is great to watch them. Anil Pednekar is superb as the drunkard. One of his best roles to date. Watch him as his mood changes from loud and violent to calm and emotional, wailing about his ‘tension’. Janice is cast well as the unfortunate Maria and Frenwin, that precocious kid who bagged the award for best child actor in ‘Hanv Jikhlom’, proves his talent once again as the drunkard’s son. Rosario de Benaulim does an important role. There is plenty of comedy to offset the seriousness of the main story. Jacob, Humbert, Luis Bachchan and John D’Silva add humour throughout.

The band led by the dynamic Jack Rebello on drums, Vitorino (trumpet), Nazareth (saxophone) Richard (pleasant on keyboard) and Denson (bass). The opening song is performed in style. Don’t miss it!  There are other songs from Olga, Lorna, Aleixinho, Rosario, Saby de Divar, Antonette, Jacob and Humbert. A solo thrashing the Catholic ministers from Olga, duets from Aleixinho-Lorna, Anil-Olga and Olga-Saby stand out. A must watch!

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