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Tiatr REVIEW JP Pereira

Fott Uloinaka, Sot Uloi

Ives Tavares has written, directed and released this tiatr. ‘Fott Uloinaka, Sot Uloi’ tells a story of terrorist activities that take place in India and of the problems that Christians face.

Abu and his son Javed publicly claim they are terrorists. They want to end other religions and proclaim only their own. Ironically, Javed falls in love with Myra, a Christian girl. Abu warns Myra, that she will have to practice his faith and Christianity will not be accepted. She recites quotes from his holy book, trying to convince him. He rewards her by burning her hands. Abu does not try to convince his own son.  Myra’s father uses his belt on his daughter, because she loves Javed. Her younger brother tries to help them and also gets beaten in the bargain. Myra wants to change Javed with her love. The police officer does not arrest the terrorists as proof is required. And then the terrorists attack a Catholic Church, break the Cross on the tower of the church and desecrate a Crucifix. Abu is arrested and put in jail. Javed comes to the police station and threatens the police with a knife. And the show goes on…

Which terrorist proclaim that they are terrorists?  They come on the quiet, destroy and leave. Or die in the bargain. Can a brainwashed terrorist be changed through love? No emphasis is given on prayer although only prayer can help. I wish they wouldn’t have shown a Holy Cross being broken with an axe or a crucifix being desecrated. Can’t this be just mentioned, instead of the act being actually performed?  Most of the incidents shown are those that happen out of Goa. But, the story is based in Goa.  Technically, the projections and stage settings are beautiful. The use of collar mikes is a good change but at times the backstage talk could be heard.

In the cast, Myra as Myra, stands out in her performance. She is superb in all the acts and emotes well.  Valentina plays the tough cop in style. Pegado as Abu and Shantaram as Javed act well, but tend to shout, to prove their might. Milagres de Ganapoga does well as the father and the young Joyson impresses with a fine act and singing. Edward is in good form, first as the Priest who is beheaded and later as the other bearded character. Pitush, Rhea and Rosario, in the role of an old woman provide some humour. Sally added his bit in this show.

Macroy (trumpet), Menino (saxophone), Elvis (bass), Josley (keyboard and Mauvin (drums) provide good music to back the songs. Myra sings the opening song, with plenty of light effects in the background.  There are other songs by Rhea, Elvis Mascarenhas, Edward Estibeiro, Nazario Pinto, Milagres and others.  Cielda renders an impressive solo. Solos by Joyson,  Sydel  and another young boy stand out.



Mogacho Ghontter

Menino Mario’s new tiatr ‘Mogacho Ghontter’ is a tragic love story, where two lovers are separated for reasons known only to the parents.

Shubert and Tania are in love.  He is poor and has no job. But he is in love! Sandra is the lady who takes up issues to support women who have been abused. Her son however is busy flirting around, drinking and has also got into drugs. The parish priest and a friend try to convince him to stop. The mother feels that her son has problems and that things will fall into place after he gets married, so a proposal is conveyed to Jose, Tania’s dad, which is accepted. Tania and Savio have to get married or the father will commit suicide. Shubert is left high and dry.

A melodramatic story of love performed quite well by the young artistes. Regina is cast well as the helpless Tania who has fine acting skills and dressing sense. Sheron plays Sandra, the two faced woman. Behind the smile is a brain that is plotting all the time. A role done well, Mini Mario is Jose, the father who emotionally blackmails his daughter. Mario is fine as the priest and Clint is quite evil as Pio. Movin scores as the deserted lover, Princewell  is the friend who realises his evil ways and Felcy, Ashton with  Master Win and another comedian provide some humour. Wonder why Win had to imitate another comedian from the Konkani stage all the time?

The band of youngsters led by Ajiton, provide great music. It is good to hear these talented musicians. The opening song is rendered by Menino Mario along with the young cast, singing the chorus. There are other nice songs by Sheron, Regina, Movin, Princewell, Ashton, Master Win and others. A solo by the young Ashbel stands out. The song with the entire family of Menino Mario, the writer- director is also good to hear.

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