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‘Fattim Pavlem’

‘Fattim Pavlem’, the latest presentation from Menezes Theatre, Chinchinim, impresses with a nice tale of love, sacrifice, and betrayal. Written and directed by Mario Menezes, the play moves at a slick pace with some good humour. Kudos to the director for a commercial drama that ends in three hours.

A widowed mother has two daughters. Melisha, the older one, has sacrificed her studies to work and support the family, especially the education of the younger sibling Shenaya. The mother wants Melisha to marry and settle down, but all proposals fail. Rio is a matchmaker. He does it for the money and arranges a match for Melisha with Pierson, a very confident and rich guy who agrees to wed Melisha. Meanwhile Stanford, a friend who helps this family in all their needs, proposes to Shenaya. She rejects him outright, mocking him, although he is an engineer. On the day of the engagement Pierson meets Shenaya and is completely infatuated with her. What happens later is to be watched on stage in this tale that has plenty to tell of morals, principles, and true love.

Mario Menezes scores with a script that is written and directed well. The tiatr has crisp dialogues, a brisk pacing, and fine acting from the entire cast, with comedy that keeps the audience entertained. There are some good songs and the band combines well to provide music with punch. Rosy Alvares is perfect as the widowed mother. Melisha as the elder daughter emotes well in the happy moments as well as the sad. Shenaya is superb as the younger sister. A great negative act, but watch her later as well! Pierson is the stylish, selfish lover and newcomer Stanford creates quite an impression with fine acting as the good hearted friend. Welcome to the stage, Stanford! Mario Menezes is superb and very funny as the conniving matchmaker and Joana is the aunt, who controls everyone in her own style. Watch the two clicking selfies! She also joins Bladwin and Saby in the comic acts. The three create plenty of laughter and are supported well by Bobet and John Hatts.

Nazareth (saxaphone), Agnelo (trumpet), Clinton (keyboard), Presley (bass), and Manuel (drums) provide good music. Bladwin renders the opening song in great style. There are other songs from Melisha, Tony de Ribandar, Lawry Travasso, Saby, Bladwin, Joana, and others. Solos by Shenaya, Rosy, Pierson, Stanford, and Lawry stand out. In all this is three hours of good entertainment, watch this show!


‘Vingans’ is the Portuguese word for vengeance. Venida Correia has written and directed this new tiatr, with a cast of many new faces. A good presentation!

The curtain opens on a brother murdering his sister, as she has seen him commit a certain crime and he wants no witnesses. But the murder is watched by a young boy. Cut to the next act. Martha is a loving mother to her two daughters, Simran and Cybil. The kids are smart although Simran is unable to see. Their main problem is the father, Melroy. He hates his wife and kids for reasons of his own. They are beaten and thrown out of the house. Later, Melroy tries to find romance with his conniving secretary Cia. The illicit romance continues, the kids are suffering, but one day the wife decides to set things right. Watch the rest on stage, in this story of desertion, manipulation, and a fight for one’s right by the aggrieved person.

This is a family drama with some suspense thrown in for good measure. The tale is enacted well by the fresh new faces. Kapil Chari provides a good set and Romeo provides the light effects. Venida, the director, has done well with the script and direction. The cast has Alithea and Andrea as Sybil and Simran. The kids pull at your heart strings! Celina as Martha, does well throughout. Tracy is convincing as Cia, the conniving woman with a motive. Mohinesh as Melroy, is aptly cast as the selfish husband and father. Good support comes from Audley as the evil uncle, Valerian as the kind doctor, and Amesh as the differently-abled brother. Romeo plays a minor role. There are some humorous moments provided by Milton, Julius, Keshvina, and Siddesh.

Prakash (trumpet), Roy (saxophone), Xavier (drums), Jeffrey (bass) and Elton (keyboard) combine well to play some good music. The opening song is rendered well by Roseanne-Celina-Venida. There are other songs on various subjects by Tracy, Celina, Keshvina, Succorine, Valencio, Romeo, Solomon, Valerian, Nazareth, Teotonio and others. A solo from Roseanne, a duet from Valerian-Tracy, a trio from Roseanny-Celina-Keshvina, and a quintet on traditional occupations and migrants stand out. Watch this show. The new director does a good job and needs to be encouraged.

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