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Topshyo, marks an end to Shigmo at Fatorpa


A significant festival of Shigmotsav at Fatorpa, ‘Topshyo’ was celebrated with great fervour on Monday. Devotees played with colours in the passage around the temple of goddess Shantadurga Fatarpekarin.

Goan instruments, dhol, taashe and shamell were played aloud. Devotees gathered around the temple where the palakhi (palanquin) of Goddess Shantadurga Fatarpekarin was taken out for procession at around 4.30 p.m. Along with the palanquin, sotreos, four white and one red with a ‘kalas’ (urn) attached to its top that were each held by a devotee.

As the procession was taken around the temple, there were several halts made in between where devotees who were holding the sotreo’s would walk fast in a circular motion. Others, especially kids enjoyed playing with colours. ‘Topshyo’ a thin stick was held by another person who followed the palanquin, who would also move in circular motion during the halts. Like it happens annually, dry grass is laid on the road and once the palanquin reaches there, it is set ablaze. Topshyo’s were distributed among people who crossed the burning grass. Finally, people holding the palanquin crossed the fire, which marked an end to this traditional Goan festival. Devotees collected the ashes of burnt grass as a Holy blessing to take home.

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