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Traffic police warned not to needlessly harass tourists




With incidents of motorists, especially tourists being allegedly harassed by traffic police on the pretext of motor vehicle checking rising in the state, the concerned traffic police will now be liable for action if they are found stopping any vehicle without any valid reason.

According to information available, Superintendent of Police, Traffic, Devesh Kumar Mahla has issued directions in this regard to in-charges of all the 14 traffic cells in the state.

Mahla has also formed a special squad to keep a watch over the functioning of traffic police and to look into the issues pertaining to alleged harassment of motorists as well as corruption-related matters.

“It has been observed that while carrying out enforcement of traffic laws, several motorists are unnecessarily stopped on the pretext of motor vehicle checking thereby creating unnecessary traffic congestion and causing hardship to law-abiding motorists,” said Mahla.

“There will be surprise checks conducted by the special squad and if any challaning officer is found stopping any vehicle without any valid reason, strict action deemed fit will be initiated against the concerned officer,” said Mahla.

In-charges of traffic cells have been directed to ensure that no undue hardship is caused to the motorists and only those who are found violating traffic  laws like riding without helmet, driving without seat belt, rash and negligent driving, using tinted glasses, carrying excess pillion rider, driving without or with improper number plate etc or are suspected of committing traffic violation should be stopped, Mahla said.

“Once a vehicle is stopped for a particular traffic violation, all relevant documents and other violations should also be checked and maximum fine should be imposed,” he said.


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