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Tribute to the melodious journey of Konkani music

Antruz Ghudyo, a young cultural group from Ponda in collaboration with Ravindra Bhavan, Margao conceptualised a programme ‘Chavar’ giving the audience a glimpse of the Konkani music’s journey through songs and dance performances on the occasion of Goa Statehood Day, at Ravindra Bhavan, Margao.

Chief guest, minister of Town and Country Planning Vijai Sardesai inaugurated the event. He used the platform to voice his opinion about the recent rape case at Betalbatim. He said: “Goa is a tourist destination but time and again I have been emphasising that quality tourists should be attracted for which good infrastructure should be constructed. Hence, people shouldn’t oppose every development we are trying to do.”

The event saw performances of singers from Goa including Gautami Hede Bambolkar, Akshay Naik, Pravan Hede and Vrutha Karmali. Chairman of Ravindra Bhavan, Margao Prashant Naik said: Within ten minutes, Antruj Gudryo performed Goan songs from folk forms like goff, jagor, mell, dhalo, fugdi, dekhni, mussoll khell. They combined different songs into one song thus giving a quick glimpse at the traditions and folklore of Goa.”

He also said that youth are not aware of the significance of this day. “It was marked by the movement when Goans fought to make their mother tongue Konkani as the language of state.”

On the occasion, chairperson of Margao Municipal Council (MMC) Babita Angle Prabhudesai; president of Antruz Ghudyo, Kanya Pavse Kamat; and vice-chairperson of Ravindra Bhavan, Margao, Saiesh Pai Panandikar were also present.

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