Thursday , 19 September 2019
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Iwona DeSouza from Caranzalem, 23, recently released her first book ‘Journeying through History’ - Travelling through Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Egypt. NT BUZZ spoke to the young author to know more about her book and experience of the Holy Land

Vignettes of a voyage


Iwona DeSouza’s interest in history combined with a trip to the Holy Land couldn’t just end there. Compiling her sojourn experience into a book was the next obvious step.  And ‘Journeying through History’ – Travelling through Jordan, Israel, Palestine and Egypt is an insight into her experience and information about various historic places which she visited during her Holy Land tour.

But she refuses to call the book just a simple travelogue. “It is compilation of information pertaining to historical places – which I received by interacting with the locals there. It has my experiences and at the same time has historical facts along with information about the present scenario of the places,” she says.

Among the places which she visited on her tour was ‘Golgotha’ the place where Christ was crucified. The church there, she says was divided into various sects including the Arameans, the Roman Catholics, and others. “When we were there it was the Aramenas who were incharge and the way they performed the rituals and conducted the service was beautiful and new to me. It is something that crops up instantly when I think of the tour,” shares Iwona.

She however clarifies that the book is not a religious one but rather focuses on her passion for writing and travelling. “Travelling was something I was passionate about but writing was something that was there with me from ages,” she says, adding that she has previously only written poems and street plays.

In fact, Iwona has always found solace in writing and reading. From a very young age of eight she would read novels that would arouse curiosity to explore and know more about places, people and the architectural monuments. Therefore, to take her passion further, she pursued her bachelor’s degree in History. The book was part of her final year degree project.

And it’s not just her love for writing, travelling, and history that are showcased in the book. One can also find beautiful captures of her journey. “I love photography and in the book all the pictures are by me,” she says.

And there’s more that can be expected from Iwona in future. In fact, she reveals, she wishes to offer readers a glimpse into Goa and wants to work on a book that will focus on the history of the state in particular. “Goa holds a lot of historic importance and there are a lot of things that I love about Goa. I am collecting information and I have interacted with people who know more about Goa. So, definitely there is something in the line-up for readers,” she discloses.

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