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What’s cooking in House No 2?

Many would agree with me if I say Loutolim is a place in South Goa, where you can find variations and innovations in food – at popular cafes, bakeries and restaurants. Uncommon, sought after delicacies are probably what you can look forward to. And adding to this list is ‘House No 2’ run by Orson Dias and Lineker Furtado at Ambora


Many places just happen to be your all-time favourites when it comes to dining. And House No 2 is often the place I go to on weekends. I am attracted to this place time and again because of the food and the ambience in this cozy home. It’s a trend these days to add a modern touch to old Indo-Portuguese houses and convert them into restaurants, like others, this one too is distinct; with a balcony view one can enjoy an afternoon lunch or dinner sitting in the balcao of House No 2.

The whole idea of converting a house into a restaurant came to the owner Orson Dias when he first hosted his engagement party. He found his home to be an idle space for a restaurant; looking at the balcony view, the space and setup. He approached his school friend Lienker Futardo who was the one churning out food for his guests at the party. The rest was history and the two joined hands to start their food venture ‘House No 2’.

Adhering to their tagline ‘Happiness is homemade’, at House No 2 the duo believes in giving their diners a homily experience with good service, music and great food.

Okay! Let’s move to the food now. The menu, though limited, it is one that can get you confused, especially for the non-vegetarians like me. The ‘Jamaican Jerk Chicken’ that is dry-rubbed or wet marinated with a spice mixture is delicious.

Stuffed chicken breast served with brandy mushroom sauce, mashed potatoes, fries and butter tossed veggies is an easy entree. The flavours are well matched with the strong garlic, tangy lemon juice, and the freshness of the basil leaves. The mushrooms here soak up all the flavours of the sauce.

I am not a big fan of pork but when I tried pork ribs with barbecue sauce, it truly changed my perception and opinion. Served with hot barbecue sauce the pork ribs were tender and well cooked. You can wallop three to four stacks in no time. I hear it is a hot favourite here; and should pretty well be.

Having an Indo-Portuguese architectural setup and not having Goan dishes wouldn’t be doing justice to the Goan food fans, right? So, here they serve bhakri. Yup! The bhakri that’s also famous in Maharashtra made from whole wheat flour, has a makeover. Forget about nutrition and think of indulgence as you choose either the chilli cheese or garlic stuffed bhakri. There’s also the cheese Goan sausage bhakri, where smaller pieces of bhakri stuffed with sausage and melting cheese is served hot on your platter. Xacuti the all time favourite in chicken, mutton, beef, and mushroom and mix vegetable variants is what is also available.

Also, the pre-plated Lamb Shank Vindaloo which is served with sanna or rice and veggies is unique to this place and should be given a try. Lamb being one of the best meats for curries, using the long slow-cooking process- where its natural fat imparts a wonderful richness combined with the red masala of the Vindaloo makes a good combination.

House No 2 however, has not many options for the vegetarians, but from whatever that there is, the taste and quality is definitely worth the price.

There are limited options in the dessert section but, the deconstructed vanilla cheese cake that’s right at the top of the desserts menu is something I look forward to trying out the next time I visit this house.

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