Thursday , 19 September 2019
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Wheat is good

By Luke Coutinho

If you drink too much water you will bloat and become fat.  Is this statement true?  Well, it can at least be perceived as true. All it needs is someone to get the statement going in social circles before people start believing in it, attributing their weight loss to the above statement. But does a lot of people repeating the statement make it true? Absolutely not. Such rumours have as much truth in them as the statement claiming wheat to be a carb that must be avoided in order to lose weight and prevent bloating and other weight related issues.

So many people are giving up wheat today; such an important grain, so nutritious, cultivated for decades, used as a staple food in countries across the world, because all of a sudden this humble grain gets a tarnished image for no reason.

Wheat contains gluten, a tough protein that some people’s digestive systems find difficult to break down, which then tends to cause them to bloat or get gassy. The immediate reaction is, ‘wheat is making me fat’. The truth is wheat has negligible fat content and most people confuse bloating for being fat or feeling fat and so blame it on wheat, but what really is the problem is your digestive system. It’s weak and it cannot break down gluten, which it should be able to.

Blaming wheat and switching to other grains as replacement may not be the solution. If your digestive system is weak, find out why and fix it. Quick fixes like abandoning this powerful grain are not the solution. Your digestive system will continue to get weaker and create more serious problems for you down the line if you don’t do something to strengthen it.

Yes, there is a population of people and children that cannot eat wheat as they are allergic to it and the disorder is called the celiac disease.

Having wheat in your diet is super for your health. It’s a great complex clean carb with some protein and a small amount of good essential fat.

One of the reasons women, especially pre-menopausal, suffer from hot flushes and other symptoms can be attributed to the cutting out of wheat from the diet. Wheat reduces CRP levels in pre-menopausal women, something that is necessary to control, reduce and even stop hot flushes and pains, and no other grain does this better than wheat.

Wheat is not the issue behind putting on weight or inability to lose weight. As discussed above, bloating is a function of poor digestion, incorrect eating habits and eating too fast and mindlessly.

Making small lifestyle changes is the way forward rather than eliminating key essentials and nutrients from your diet. The goal should be to get stronger so that your body can handle foods that the human body has been able to handle for years.

GMO wheat (genetically modified), yes, I am against it, can create problems of its own.

Have some wheat today. It is not bad for you and if you feel uncomfortable, work on improving your digestion.

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