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Zero enrolment forces closure of another GPS in Ponda

Nirgosh Gaude | NT

Ponda: Yet another government primary school in Ponda has succumbed to low student enrolment this year bringing the total number of government primary schools in Ponda to 106 while many more are on the verge of closure with no new admission or only one student taking admission this academic year.

As per information obtained from ADEI, Ponda, the government primary school at Dutale-Marcaim has closed down this year.

The school had not received any new admission during the last three academic years, and with no students, it had to be closed down, informed ADEI, Ponda, while speaking to this daily.

Though this year only one primary school has shut down, data suggests that there are several more that will be on the verge of closure in the coming years.

As per information during this academic year, three primary schools have not seen any new admission. It includes government primary schools at Undir-Bandora, Khajorda-Borim and Murdi-Khandepar, which have total student strength of 3, 6 and 9 respectively.

Besides this there are around 11 primary schools in Ponda which have witnessed only one new admission during this academic year. It includes school at Chirpute-Bandora (strength 3), Galwada- Priol (strength 7), Ganje-Usgao (strength 11), Gaunem (strength 14), Gauthan-Priol (strength 11), Kantar-Usgao (strength 8), Khajanwada-Veling (strength 8), Paz-Shiroda (strength 15), Tariwada-Shiroda (strength 8), Tishem-Borim (strength 5) and Volvoi (strength 13).

Two primary schools in Ponda municipal area have got the highest number of enrolments this year compared to all other schools, and these include primary school at Junabazaar, which has got new 30 new students, while Varkhande Ponda has 25 new students for the first standard.

Around 762 new students have taken admission in the government primary schools of Ponda during this academic year. Compared to it, last year (2018-19), 853 students had taken admission, while the year before (2017-18), 784 new students had taken admission.

The data suggests that this year enrolment in government primary schools has reduced drastically as compared to the last two


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