Demolishing Illegal Buildings

Thanks to the Supreme Court, the guardian of law and our last hope, after six long years of litigation, The Kerala government has begun with the exercise of executing the apex court’s orders to demolish a seven-star resort and four illegal luxury high-rises in Kochi having more than 19 storeys, with each apartment costing crores of rupees. This has led to multiple families including senior citizens, women and children seeking new residences/shelters, all because the government did not strictly implement the coastal regulatory zone (CRZ) rules in sensitive areas. This is rampant all over the country and especially in Goa. An ordinance saved the demolition of part of a five-star resort in Goa. Many illegal buildings and hotels are thriving, more being contemplated and others being regularised. When the Goa government is facing a financial crunch and there are orders for undertaking austerity measures, as government balance sheets are in the red, it surprises me that 19 Margao councillors are reportedly cleared to proceed on a ‘study tour’ to Mount Abu. Who is giving the clearance and permission and does the Chief Minister know or have any control over government employees’ junkets, work ethics and expenditure? This is how it starts with permissions given or apathy which leads to the occurrence of incidents like that of a fake Uttar Pradesh minister availing government accommodation, transport, police protection and even reportedly attending a function as chief guest.


Encourage Use Of Solar Energy

Of late, geo thermal energy and thermal energy are being used to produce electricity across the world. The resources and raw materials required for the energy will soon dry out owing to excessive dependability on fossil fuels. Hence, government organisations, international institutions and local bodies should now be mandated to use solar energy for electricity and power consumption. Solar energy is one of the best possible sources of natural and renewable energy. It can be extensively used to produce electricity through photo voltaic cells and solar thermal power and thus tap energy to the fullest extent. An innovative strategy is need of the hour to otherwise incentivise various countries to use solar energy. Public utility buildings such as airports, government offices etc should otherwise make robust shift to solar-powered buildings from traditional coal power. Attractive funding opportunities to harness solar power should be adopted by the governments across the globe. International institutions such as International Solar Alliance should extensively focus on exploiting solar energy atleast in the sunshine countries and thus help to reduce dependency on fossil fuels.