Sudden rise in sea water level hits Keri beach


Sudden rise in sea water level was witnessed along the Keri beach stretch in Pernem, which resulted in sand erosion. The area also witnessed strong winds
on Thursday.
Shack owners expressed concern over their business as the sudden surge in water level affected the beach stretch.
According to shack operators, Keri beach has got around six shacks allotted. They said that first they struggled due to low tourist footfalls in the past month and now the beach is affected as around two metres of sand on the beach got washed away with the rise in sea water level.
A protection wall, built using sand stacks, was also damaged.
Shack owners said that their shacks are erected slightly on higher level of the beach and, hence, there was no major loss. However, they said they are worried about the situation.
“There was a sudden rise in sea level on Wednesday late night and huge waves hit the beach. This continued till early morning and as a result, the sand on the beach got washed away,” shack owner Vilas
Arolkar stated.
He said that “I have been running the shack for over 15 years and this is the first time that such erosion has happened
on the beach.”
Another shack owner said that “since last two days we have been witnessing rise in sea level. Because of it tourists just come and go back. Three years ago, we had suffered loss but no compensation was given to us.”