Highway Boozing Bouts
At a time when the youth of the nation, especially the students, have taken to the streets to express their displeasure over the amended citizenship Act and have ensured that their agitation against the new law has indeed found resonance across the country; a rowdy mob of youngsters in Goa were creating headlines by ‘taking on’ the police for censuring them for drinking in public. While the former is an instance of the student community coming to the fore to challenge the establishment for what is presumed to be its anti-people agenda, the latter cannot but be seen as a crass example of wanton behavior by the unruly youth. Questioning and revolting against authority has been a favourite pastime with the modern youth and the aggressiveness has been all the more evident when they are in an inebriated state. The incidence at Cuncolim where a group of youth allegedly consuming alcohol along the road late Monday night inflicted injuries on four policemen who accosted them just cannot be condoned as frivolous acts of late-night revelers and needs to be to dealt with appropriately. It is reported that the youngsters in turn attacked the cops and damaged a few police vehicles. So far it was only the boisterous crowds of tourists visiting Goa that the police have had to content with vis-à-vis their bingeing on alcohol along the beaches. Now with the local youth too resorting to such ungainly ways, the police definitely have their hands full. Is it the ‘outside’ influence which has corrupted our youngsters to such an extent that in aping them blindly, the Goan lads have forgotten their own customs and traditions! Or on second thoughts, are the mischief-mongers involved in the fracas local residents at all! In any case, it was a very unfortunate incident!
Pachu Menon, Margao
Train Privatisation Welcome
The much awaited IRCTC’s premium train Tejas Express inaugural run between Ahmedabad and Mumbai Central is welcome. The move comes at a time when the Indian Railways is experimenting with the concept of privately run trains on its route network. The first such successful private run between New Delhi and Lucknow is also getting good response. Privately run trains under luxury segment will definitely be a success and will help the railways to place itself in a better perspective. Indian Railways should now experiment such a concept not only with premier trains but also superfast/mail express trains that are crying for attention like superior passenger amenities. Privatizing train’s maintenance and other aspects related to passenger amenities will only help railways inch closer to achieve its goal of customer satisfaction whilst providing high passenger comfort.
Varun Dambal,Bangalore