From next week, pay and park along 9 Panaji roads




The Corporation of City of Panaji (CCP) will sign a pact with the pay parking contractor Juwarkar Associates by Friday or Monday as he has
agreed to accept the contract after revision of the amount by CCP and would start charging vehicles from first week of February 2020.

The Corporation pay-parking contractor, who had earlier rejected the terms and conditions besides the amount put by the CCP has agreed to accept it after the CCP revised the amount to Rs 1.12 crore from earlier Rs 1.62 crore for the three-year agreement, revealed the city Mayor Uday Madkaikar.

Madkaikar said that the contractor will have to pay Rs 96 lakh and
Rs 16 lakh as security deposits (bank guarantee) that comes to 10 per cent of the total amount to stop defaults in payment to CCP. 

The contractor will also have to pay in installments Rs 4.5 lakh every month for three years to avoid default in payment to the CCP.

The pay-parking scheme is being implemented by the CCP to bring in discipline on the city roads where often residents as well as tourists are found parking vehicles in haphazard manner or blocking roads.

The pay parking scheme will be implemented on 9 important city roads 24X7 and the contractor will use hand-held electronic machines to issue tickets.

Once the agreement is signed, the contractor will start installing
signage and mark the parking lots in the designated areas and within a week would start charging the vehicles.