Smartphone market booms


It may be man or woman and young or old, everyone wants to have a Smartphone these days. Smartphone users are increasing and in future the figure will only grow higher, says Bhiva P Parab

In today’s fast moving life, a mobile phone has become a necessity for nearly all people. Flaunting a snazzy mobile is become a fashion statement in the current world especially among the youngsters.

  There are several types of mobile phones in the market from simple mobile phones to smart phones, which are priced from few thousands to several thousand rupees. However the trend is that the people are upgrading their handsets from simple phones to smart phones.

  The use of mobiles has increased over the years and it may be because people are getting hooked on to apps. Some of the apps are functional only on smartphones. Even business people carry out their business using apps.

  According to the information available from a mobile vendor there is smart phone boom in the state. “Several customers are asking for smart phones and I think most phone users in the state are now smart users. The business is good in the state and it is fuelled by youngsters who want phones with good features. Usage of smart phones in the state has increased and several customers who were earlier walking around with a simple mobile with hardly any features are now using a smartphone.

  When asked an elderly consumer said that all her friends have a Smartphone and so she also wanted one. “I have gone for a set which cost me around Rs 10000 and now I am using whatsapp, which earlier I could not use on my old mobile. The smartphone also helps me in paying various bills online,” said the elderly consumer.

  While another consumer said that, smart phone is a necessity. “I bought a phone worth around Rs 18,000 as I do most of my work on it. In this digital world one needs to have a smart device and now a day’s phones are available for low prices also albeit with less features. One can choose from wide variety,” he said.

  A vendor said that all the consumers don’t buy the same price range. “The choice is varied and I feel that the biggest demand is for phones between Rs 8000 to 15,000 but there are others who go in for phones even costing Rs 50,000 and above. Some go for less popular brands as they are cheaper. It may be noted that couple of years back only the elite could afford a smartphone because of their high prices. However now the prices of the smartphones have come down and customers get bank finance,

  The second-hand market for smartphones is also doing well as some consumers opt for used smartphones if they cannot afford a new one. According to a phone vendor, “A used phone is cheaper. The profit after selling smartphones depends on company, the model of the mobile phone and features. E-commerce platforms offer smartphones at the most attractive rates. Sometimes they offer lucrative deals which is having effect on our business.” 

On used smartphone consumer said, “A new phone with various features would have cost me high price so I decided to go in for a used set which will cost almost 40 percent less. It does not matter a lot for me if the phone is used or new as right now the price is important.”

  It may be noted that these days, the smartphones are coming with more and more features with each new generation released and with this continuing trend, many consumers are buying the smart mobiles.