Nitish makes a comeback



Goan musician Nitish Pires is back with a new single ‘Fateh’. The new single comes after his India tour in 2010 which had to be cut short due to his father’s illness, following which Pires was on a sabbatical for nine years travelling around parts of Europe.

Pires had created history in 2010 when he took solo a 15000-kilometre trip around the length and breadth of the country. A recipient of numerous awards for his contribution to music, Pires’s journey from being a member of the Nakshatra band to his song ‘Fateh’ has been very interesting.The new single ‘Fateh’ is a song that leads one to victory. The music video depicts a story of a boy and his transformation from a boy to a man. His relationship with his father forms the backbone of the song.

Pires believes that the music video will change the life of many people with its strong message on the effects of drugs. He says: “I am extremely happy to be back here once again with my latest single. ‘Fateh’ is a song about being triumphant, about breaking the barriers; a song about following your dreams. It is an inspirational song. The music video highlights the relationship about a father and a son. It is a journey of a boy and his journey from being a boy to a man. It’s a very emotional story.” ‘Fateh’ is also slated to be the first song from his upcoming album which is scheduled to be out over this year.